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Ice Breakers For a Mother's Day Banquet

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I am planning a Mother's Day banquet at my church this year, I need all the advice you could give me. Expecilly Ice-Breakers.



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By amanda [8]04/30/2005

Hi, when my church used to do a mother/daughter banquet, one of the games we played was a purse scavenger hunt. Some of the ones I remember were who had a pair of scissors, who had the most used tissues, who had the most pictures or stamps. I always thought that was a fun game.

By Pat (Guest Post)04/27/2005

You may make a list of things "women" have done, such as :

Was once a cheerleader ____________________
Has five children __________________________
Has been married over 20 years _________________
Likes anchovies on pizza ________________________
Has snow skies _________________________________
Has been saved less than five years _______________
They must get attendees to sign in the blank and the one with the most filled in will win a prize,
(This is a great way to get them to know a little more about each other).

Another one is to wait until after they have eaten (beforehand, encourage them to get to know their table mates)....then, pass out pencil and paper and ask specific questions, such as : When did they get married?
When did they get saved?
What is their ministry in the church?
What are the ages of their children?
What is their hobbies?
Doorprize to winner!!

God bless you!

By Valerie (Guest Post)04/25/2005

Use post-it notes to write down names of famous mothers: Mother Teresa, Mary, Mother Nature, etc. Put one name on each attendee's back. People have to mingle around and ask the other attendees three yes or no questions to figure out who they are. Really fun and gets people talking and moving.


Have each person or one member of a family, bring a recipe. Then have that person give the recipe to someone they do not know or with whom they have not talked with for a long time. The people that have received recipes already would be holding on to one.

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