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Make a Handbag from Chenille Bedspreads

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Chenille Bedspread Handbag

If you have any of those old chenille bedspreads around, put it to good use and make a handbag. I made this one to show off the pink center in the daisy. That part is the flap of the bag. Then on the other side I put on a pocket to hold my sunglasses and phone.



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By Maryeileen [76]08/22/2007

Can you give us the pattern for your handbag? Thanks!

By (Guest Post)08/21/2007

That is very pretty, I like it a lot! You are very creative!:)

By Julia (Guest Post)08/21/2007

Elaine, this is a good idea...and you did
a lovely job making your bag. Now, I want one. :)

Julia in Orlando, FL

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