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Programs to Assist Low Income Families with Home Repairs

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How do I find a program that assists with household repairs?

By Charmain


Recent Answers

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By Lee Taylor [10]11/12/2010

Here's a link to a great charity, Love INC ( In the name of Christ) They have branches all over the country. They handle home repair, car repairs, every sort of problem.

By Joan [13]11/09/2010

It depends on where you live. It also depends on your income, age and health for some programs. Some cities have a Homebuilders Association that with donated materials do home repairs for people that are elderly and/or handicapped. Then there is government programs in all states and cities that depend on income, age and health. With these programs you have to remain living in the house for five years or pay back a pro-rated amount. Some places this program is called Opportunities for Independent Living, and it called other names in other places.

All of these programs get so many requests for help that they can't begin to fulfill all of the requests. One other solution is do small repairs one at a time. The main objective of being a home owner should be to keep up the home on a yearly basis. I have a sister and brother-in-law that bought a brand new home about 30 years ago and all of sudden this year they are complaining about all of the repairs it needs now and they also said they have never done anything other than paint and new flooring in all these years.


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Question: Finding Financial Help with Home Repairs

My name is Pam. My husband, Jackie has renal cell carcinoma and has had brain surgery, both lower lobes of lungs removed and a kidney removed. Our house is falling apart and roach infested. We have custody of our 10 year old granddaughter and barely getting by. My parents live next door, but they are 88 and 85 and I help with them also. I'm 57 and in desperate need of help. We have no where to turn. Please help or advise me on finding help with repairs, if possible. Thank you.

By Pamela from Clarkton, MO

Most Recent Answer

By Deborah Weightman06/05/2013

this url is for help with home repairs for low-income people in Missouri

Question: Home Repair Organizations for Low Income Families

We are in desperate need of a new roof. We have no money. We can see daylight through our bedroom ceiling. We are 65 years old and on SSI disability, have no credit, and no money. Our roof fell in in our bedroom. Since we can't afford a new roof and no one will give us credit, does anyone know of a resource for house repairs for low income individuals? I was not able to upload a photo.

Thank you.

By Chas and Barb

Most Recent Answer

By Joan [13]09/16/2011

I just heard on the evening news that our local Habitat For Humanity has started doing some minor home repairs. What they were showing was homes being painted, things like that. So far they have done 50 homes, this summer and fall. You could also call the pastor of your church, he might know of people in the church that could help you out. Do you have any family that could help you. Most likely instead of getting a whole new roof, you would probably get patches. You can also call 211, this is a nationwide organization that keeps a list of various non-profit groups that help people with various things or can help you find places that will help. There is also a program called Adult Services for Aging, located with the Department of Social Services, they might be able to give you some helpful advice. If you have a social worker they might even have some ideas.


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Archive: Programs to Assist Low Income Families with Home Repairs

I need assistance with extensive home repairs. Can you direct me to the right people or programs?

By James from Long Beach, CA

RE: Programs to Assist Low Income Families with Home Repairs

The only programs that I am aware of depend on being quite low income, elderly, or disabled. Where I live the home-builders association voluntarily go around to previously selected homes every spring and do some repairs. I don't how many repairs they do on any one home.

I have a sister who was telling me everything that she is having done to their house in the line of repairs, and she said they hadn't done anything to it other than new carpeting and vinyl and paint in the 30 years since it had been built. I bit my tongue to keep from being snotty and wondered why they didn't make yearly repairs because they could have afforded to do that.

I would call the Department of Social Services and see what programs they have and see if you qualify for them. The programs that I am aware of have different names in different states, but they are government funded programs and run out of money quickly. And like I said at the beginning, there are restrictions if you are looking for free work. I know somebody that had $10,000 worth of work done on her house here in SD, but her taxes also went up considerably after the work was done, because some of the work that was done besides being a repair, also improved the looks and value of her house. Needless to say, she wasn't real happy about that.

There are all kinds of things to consider for stuff like that. Sometimes it might be better to do a little repair work as you can afford to do it. All of these reasons are why I am glad I rent a decent apartment, I don't have to worry about repairs, and the apartment complex is really well kept up. (09/28/2010)

By redhatterb

RE: Programs to Assist Low Income Families with Home Repairs

I volunteer for a national organization called Love INC. Here's a link to their website with locations in California. Hope there is one near you. We specialize in helping with all sorts of needs, including lots of home repairs. I've done roof work, screen repair, plumbing, etc. And if there isn't one near you, I'd call them anyway because they may know exactly the right place to get you some help. (09/30/2010)

By PainterLee

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