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Removing Dried Blood From White Top

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How do I get dried blood off of a white top? I don't have any peroxide handy either. I need to clean it asap. I got blood on one of my favorite shirts when I went for a tattoo two months ago and I can't get the stain off. Someone help please.

Sako from England



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By Dana [1]08/29/2008

For years I've used 409 Formula cleaner. DO NOT dilute it....just pour it right onto the blood spot and rub fabric together until it comes out, then wash. If it doesn't come out on the first try, keep repeating until you can barely see the spot. Throw in the wash and it should be gone. After years of the MONTHLY CYCLE that we women all go through I found this to work the fastest & the best. P.S. You should use rubber gloves for the rubbing part, as it is strong and can break out the skin.

By larry. (Guest Post)07/31/2008

My dad was a butcher, and would come home with blood stains on his clothing all the time. My mom bought the powder meat tenderizer you put on tough cuts of meat( it dissolves some of the protein chains making it easier to chew. Blood being protein based will be dissolved too) and made a paste for the really bad spots and made a liquid spray she kept in a small spray bottle for every thing else. She used like a teaspoon or so for the liquid in the bottle. Worked like magic too. The liquid also worked to stop bee sting pain too. It is protein based too.

By doodles [8]07/29/2008

I've ALWAYS had the best of luck making a paste of white vinegar and baking soda, rubbing it in and letting sit for 15 - 20 mins. Even if it (the blood) has dried.

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By Jana [7]07/28/2008

If the top is "pure white" you can take the part that has the blood stain on it, put your hand inside the shirt and drape that part over your finger. Then, put the shirt-covered finger into the bleach bottle and tip the bleach bottle up; this will get bleach directly on the spot, but only on the spot. Wash Immediately!

This gets out most such stains. However, if it doesn't work, DO NOT put the top in the dryer, as this will set the stain and it will be almost impossible to get out.

By Mary Lou [14]07/28/2008

Try household ammonia, foaming kind if you can get it. Dilute it by half with water. Apply to both sides of the blood stain and let it sit for a bit(maybe half an hour) Then wash as usual. Repeat if necessary with full strength if the item is cotton. Not sure it would work on nylon or pure polyester though. Ritz makes a color remover for whites that get dyed by other fabrics by accident in the wash, maybe that would work as well.

By KL [3]07/24/2008

It is hard to say not knowing what fabric type and if you had previously washed/dried the item. I have always had the best luck soaking it in cold water til the stain lifted. Once when the stain was still slightly visible after laundering I was able to lift the rest with hydrogen peroxide. My mom swore by using OxyClean but I dont know if you have that available in England.

You might check the info in the links below for more:

Good luck to you!

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