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50th Birthday Gift for Someone I Don't Know Well

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I have been invited to a surprise 50th birthday party for someone I do not know that well. I thought of getting her a gift certificate to a spa or something, but she works at a gym/spa and I think she already gets a discount on that.

I really don't know much about her except for that she owns her own business, is a gym instructor on the side, and is very athletic. She has three little Yorkies that she and her husband treat like their kids. I'm not really sure what would be a good gift for her. Any ideas? (Gag gifts are out since, again, I don't know her that well.)


By Stephanie from LA, CA


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By Karen Jordan [2]06/17/2010

Since she and her husband are obviously animal lovers, how about a coffee table book of animals or one of just dogs. Just be sure there are some Yorkies included in the pictures!

By cettina [74]06/16/2010

I know gift cards have been mentioned but what about a gift card from a Sports Shop. if she is athletic, she may appreciate it more. if gift cards don't sound appealing, the safest thing to get her is a selection of healthy foods in a hamper. what she doesn't like, she can give away but there's bound to be something there that will be acceptable.

By Grandma J [46]06/15/2010

Since you don't know her well, you should not have to go broke in finding a gift. Make her something nice--whether it is crafted, hand made or baked. When all else fails, get a box of chocolates or certificate to DQ, etc.

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [422]06/15/2010

You can not go wrong with either candles or frames. They are the first things I think of when I have to get something for someone I don't know well like you.

Good luck!

By Lee Taylor [10]06/15/2010

Since she loves her dogs so much, I'd find the best quality, gourmet doggie treats you can find and buy her a bag of those. You can call places that board dogs; those high end pet "daycare" places. They usually carry expensive foods and unusual items for pets. Of if you have time you can look online and order something like that. But, I'd definitely do something for the dogs since you know how much she loves them.

By MotherShip [8]06/12/2010

Maybe a gift card with a personalized note that says, "Please give this gift card to somebody you do not know well", giving is the greatest gift.

By kathleen williams [23]06/12/2010

A gift card for clothes for her, good luck.

By Joan [13]06/12/2010

A gift card/certificate to a pet store or one to a restaurant.

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