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Dealing With Someone Who is Trespassing

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I put up a Private Property, No Trespassing sign on my front door. It was purchased from a store. Can I legally call the cops if someone I don't like or is not welcomed to my home pulls on my property in my driveway? Could I have the cops remove that person and press charges? I don't want trouble in front of my kids or anyone getting hurt.

By Trudy from PA


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By Candy Killion [10]02/24/2011

Don't know the law in PA, but if this family member has emailed threats and you have copies,and there have been verbal threats (whether face-to-face or over the phone, if they're over the phone, save either the messages or write down the day and time) you may want to look into a restraining order at your local PD, not just a No Trespassing sign.

By Nancy McGuire [6]01/23/2011

In my state polititions and religious organizations have a right to come on your property even if there is a sign.

By susan [8]01/17/2011

I'm not sure of all the legal ins and outs of where you live, but a "No Trespassing" sign is supposed to be posted at the property's border. You would have to go on the property and up to the house to read the sign if it were posted on the front door. You can make a sign for the front door stating that, "if you didn't call and we aren't expecting you, please leave--we do not with to talk to you."

I'd call the state's Attorney General's office; they have attorneys on hand to answer personal questions. You can file papers (restraining order) at the police dept to make him stay so many feet from you/your husband. If he violates the order, you can have him picked up. Be aware that it may make a bad situation intolerable, cause a permanent family rift that cannot be repaired, and will make other extended family members take sides. If you are not in the right, it will make you lose your integrity with the rest of your extended family. I'd weigh the situation carefully.

By Cindy [3]01/17/2011

I honestly don't know how much legal weight a simple, store bought, sign holds in any jurisdiction; but if someone comes on your property, and you ask them to leave, and they refuse to do so, that indeed is trespassing, and you should call the police if they refuse to leave.

Don't hang up if the intruders leave after you dial 911: Rather, report the incident so it becomes a matter of record and so that you are not tagged by legal professionals for failing to follow through with requests for help.

Trudy, as others have stated, please contact local authorities (police, sheriffs, etc.) to determine your rights as a tax paying property owner or resident in your city, county and/or state. You deserve the right to protect your home and family from crime and or harassment but you need to follow the rule of law to best protect all!

Generally speaking, you should not call the authorities simply because you don't like someone, but you have every right to ask for tax payer, paid, law enforcement protection if you feel threatened. Again, contact local law enforcement agencies first, to find the best way to proceed if you truly feel at risk. Good luck and best wishes.

By Trudy [19]01/16/2011

So, I need to have a permit to post a private drive and private property no trespassing sign on my own private property even when live in the country of PA? Please specify. I want to do the right things legally. Thanks for everyone's help!

By Trudy [19]01/16/2011

I have a day sleeper, too. My husband works 3rd shift. My sister and BIL knows that BIL is not welcome here already. They are really making a big deal out of old petty things. We don't tolerate anyone treating our family like dirt, and getting away with it.

By Trudy [19]01/16/2011

I'm just trying to keep my home safe and peaceful!

By Trudy [19]01/16/2011

This is what it all boils down too. My brother-in-law sent my husband a vulgar instant message which our kids could of read if they would of seen it. To us that was very offensive because of our kids and disrespectful to begin with. My husband does not like him to begin with. I also have a private drive sign right in front of our driveway along side of highway. If he would come to my house, all heck will break loose. I don't want any trouble or anyone getting hurt in front of any kids. He is not welcomed to our home. We also have gotten threats from him as well. We know he's all talk and no action anyways.

By Ellie [7]01/14/2011

I am not sure of the legal situation living in a different country to you, but I was wondering how could anyone coming innocently perhaps to your door would even see the sign till they got to the door, and already trespassing? Perhaps better to put the sign on the front gate or fence so they see it before they enter your driveway.

By SANDI [2]01/14/2011

Sounds like you have a few problems with some bad people? Contact your local police dept. To discuss your situation. Good luck to you.

By Lilac [20]01/14/2011

First, who are these people. If they are people you know, explain the situation. If they are strangers tell them not to come back. If they come back take their names and call the police. If they are just people turning around in your driveway place a saw horse at the end of it. You will have to move it but it will stop the trespassers. You were not clear who the people were.

By Teresa Tart [1]01/14/2011

TXBetty I would disconnect the door bell if I was you. Trudy you need to check with your local police dept. Each state has different laws concerning this. I am sorry you have so many people that you don't care for that you have to put up signs.

By Pam Griffis [10]01/14/2011

I would check with my local police dept. first. I would also move the sign to the front of my property, because that's where you want them to stop. I would think that if it's on your door that would mean no trespassing in your house, not your yard. I know in FL the police will give them a verbal warning the first time. After that you can have them arrested. (We went through this involving our association.)

By Keeper [58]01/13/2011

I've heard here in NC if you post such a sign you have to advise the Police Dept. Maybe you should/could check with yours.

By Betty [104]01/13/2011

I have a sign on my front door because I have a day sleeper in my home and a dog that barks waking up my husband. NO One cares and they ignore the sign. When someone rings the door bell I answer the door and I'm not the least bit kind! I stick the sign in their face but somehow they think it doesn't apply to them. People have their own agenda and that's all they think about. I wish I could call the police.

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