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Getting Rid of Paint Smell

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I'm getting the whole inside of my house painted. The paint smell is a little heavy. How can I remove the smell?

Rachel from Houston, TX



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By suzanne [278]08/13/2008

fans will speed up the drying process. open all windows possible
ozone machines are really good. don't know the cost of renting one though

By Cyinda [214]08/11/2008

For really nasty smells, rent an ozone machine (from a rental store) & run it for several hours (while your family is away). The smell will be TOTALLY gone in no time!


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Archive: Getting Rid of Paint Smell

A great way to rid the house of strong paint fumes is with plain white vinegar. Just pour into bowls and leave them out around the house!

By Chris

RE: Getting Rid of Paint Fumes

I have tried everything and the onion cut in half really helps. (10/29/2007)

By claire

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