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Dog's Urine Smells Fishy

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Does anyone have any idea why my dog's urine smells fishy? Could it be an infection or the food he's eating?

By GT from Bergen County, NJ


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By suezzq04/01/2013

Every time this smell is noticed in our dog, she has a UTI. The vet has done every test available to find why she usually gets two infections a year and could find nothing. She is just prone to them, so now we go to the vet as soon as she begins to emit this smell. By the way, vet said men usually can smell it first, and that is true at my home. Go figure. ;)

By Catherine [5]03/28/2010

If you haven't just changed food or added a new medicine, it's likely an infection. My late dalmatian's urine had a 'smokey' odor when she had a bladder infection. Generally they are easily treated (depending on what 'bug' it is, a 7-14 day course of antibiotics). However, left untreated, Urinary Tract Infections can spread to the kidneys where they are MUCH harder to treat.
Good luck.

By Maryeileen [76]03/27/2010

Your vet would be the best person to ask.

By R.L. Steigerwalt03/27/2010

Is your dog on any medication? My senior doxie has fishy smelling urine but it's from her liver meds.

By Amy3e03/26/2010

Could also be a urinary tract infection. If smell doesn't dissipate, take your pup to vet.


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Question: Dog's Urine Smells Fishy

Why does my female dog's urine smell fishy?

By Michele R.

Most Recent Answer

By Sherri [6]05/27/2011

Your fur-baby could have a urinary track infection. Please go to your Veterinarian ASAP and have it checked. If it is a
UTI, it can be very painful. Good luck.

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