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Winter Birthday Party Ideas


I'm trying to get ideas for a birthday party. My baby boy is turning 2 on 2/12, and it will be very cold. Please send ideas for winter parties.

Jas from Harvest, AL



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By Di 14 53 10/16/2008 Flag

Cut a piece of brown for dirt or white for snow in a sort of circular pattern. Spray paint towel paper tubes and/or toilet paper tubes to look like logs. Stuff them with orange, yellow or red tissue paper to look like flames and you have a 'fire'. While sitting around the fire, hot dogs, chips,hot chocolate, etc. can be served while someone reads an age appropriate winter book.

Check with the library for a good one--my favorite is a book called Tacky but it is too high for 2 year olds. Have penguins, polar bears or any other appropriate stuffed animals scattered around the room as part of the decor. If you can get a large or extra large Igloo dog house without spending a fortune, you have a play house you can keep in your daughter's room or on the patio later.

My son had one when he was small and it proved to be a great place to put all of his stuffed animals as well as a place to play. If you can't do that, get a card table and cover it with a white sheet for a snow cave. Kids love to play and hide in those things. Make a lot of snowballs with tissue paper by just scrunching it up into balls and you have an instant and safe snow fight. I'd make that the final activity. White Play-doh can be an activity, but I would definitely use a sheet under it to keep it out of the carpet.

Let the children make snowmen using 2 sizes of paper plates. Use construction paper to cut out carrot noses, coal mouths and eyes, stick arms and hats ahead of time. Use real buttons for eyes. Don't plan too many games or activities, that age group won't have a long attention span. Also, keep the guest list fairly small. They say the rule of thumb is one guest for each year of age, but if you have lots of help, you may be able to stretch that a bit. Good luck, relax & have fun.

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I am looking for winter birthday party ideas for a 2 year old girl.

Alicia from Jacksonville, AR


RE: Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Go to, they have some cute ideas. (01/02/2007)

By sashough

RE: Winter Birthday Party Ideas

How about some games? One that we played was "ice fishing". I would do this inside of course with the cold weather, but it is so much fun in the summer months as well. Take a large roasting pan and fill with ice cubes, put in some colored marbles or smooth decorative stones. The children will remove socks and shoes and "fish" for the marbles. The kids love it! (01/02/2007)

By peachynptc

RE: Winter Birthday Party Ideas

What about a ballet party? Here is a site that can give you good ideas.
Hope this helps. (01/02/2007)

By Sharon

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RE: Winter Birthday Party Ideas

How about a simple tea party at home? Ask her little friends or relatives of a similar age to bring along a winter cuddly toy, such as a polar bear or a penguin, then sit all the children and animals in a circle and let them "feed" the animals with white mini marshmallows (or something similar). Children of 2 play alongside other children, but are too young for sharing. They mostly copy, so anything you provide is more for the parents benefit. Having said that, they do enjoy parties and the extra attention. I would keep it the theme white, using Christmas decorations like plastic snowflakes etc., with a winter theme such as Jack Frost. (01/03/2007)

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