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Coca Cola for Battery Terminals

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Coca Cola is great on corroded battery terminals in your car. The caustic acid eats the corrosion quite well. And if your windshield is oily from driving in rainy weather? Coke works great!

By Wayne from Kissimmee, FL


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By Kelly (Guest Post)10/01/2008

i agree sista!

By JoeReality (Guest Post)05/29/2007

Coke won't dissolve a nail that is left in it. I tried it as a science experiment with my daughter. that's an old coke legend - check for more.

there is stronger acid in your stomach than in coke. what makes coke bad for you is the SUGAR!

By jeremy (Guest Post)12/02/2006

try leaving a 16 penny nail in a 2-liter of coca cola over night. you may be surprised to find the nail completely dissolved the next morning. yes, coca cola is very caustic...that's why i use it to clean battery terminals and NOT for drinking! :-)

By Terry Brown (Guest Post)02/15/2006

I don't get the exact logic why these coke are seemingly recommended for that kind of stuff? as in cleaning the car battery, the windshield and now the hair. huh! coke is known to be one of our thirst quencher, and not for cleaning i guess. <a href= ... rybrown&id=1&entry=15>The Auto Inquirer</a>

By Dean (Guest Post)02/14/2006

Coke is used for a lot of ideas but it is not a caustic acid.Most all larger batteries contain caustic acid on their surface, no matter how clean looking they may be. Some smaller batteries begin to leak, too, emitting caustic acid and other chemicals.If coke contained caustic acid it would burn out ones mouth and gastrointestinal track the first time one drank it.The best way to clean battery terminals is a mixure of baking soda and water.Save the coke to drink.

By Kathie [16]02/13/2006

Can you imagine we drink this same stuff that you can clean your car battery with and your windshield. ugh.
And I have some in the fridge. I can't decide whether to drink it or clean the windshield on the truck.

By sandy (Guest Post)02/13/2006

i was at the hair dresser the other day. they told a woman to rinse her hair in coke to remove the hair spray.

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