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Hiring Someone to Train My Dog

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I am looking for an affordable training facility where they take your dog and train them and then bring them back to you after they are trained? Where can i go to find this type of facility? I have tried everything with my dog. He's so sweet but stubborn as a rock. Please let me know.

Lisa from New Jersey


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It isn't a good idea to have your dog trained without your presence. A trainer will train YOU to train your dog. Look in your local phone book for a reliable trainer.

By Sherry Kassler [1]10/09/2006

I would suggest taking a dog obedience class together. It's really alot of fun for you and your dog. The cost for the one that we took was $75.00 for one night a week for 7 weeks. That was the basic course. You can keep going into other levels after that. Lulu, my JRT, really looked forward to going. She would get so excited when I put her crate in the car. This course was treat motivated and she knew it, so she was ready to go. Both human and animal need to be trained though and it's an ongoing process to make it work. Good Luck!!

By lesley odell [1]10/07/2006

Ask your area Animal Rescue groups, they usually know about trainers in the area. Also check with your Vet and area Vets, somethimes the staff at those places will have that information. If you are unsure of the Pet Rescue groups in your area, go to and enter your zip code, all your rescue groups will come up on your screen. Good Luck.

By sandy [63]10/06/2006

well the human is usually the one that needs to be trained. he can be trained by some top notch folks but it the owner doesnt keep up with the discipline the dog loses. so do you

By Seashore girl (Guest Post)10/06/2006

Hi Lisa,

You'd be wasting your money if you had someone else take your dog and train it and bring it back to you.

The animal takes its cues from its owner, the person it spends the most time with.

Working together with a trainer is a much better option. Dogs learn quickly; it's the owners that take a little more time. :-)

I also suggest reading Jan Fennell's "The Dog Listener" and watching Cesar Millan "The Dog Whisperer" on the National Geographic Channel.

Good luck!

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