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Good Color to go with Burgundy Accents?


I would like to know what is a good choice to paint walls that are white with decorating accents that are done in burgundy? Would a terra-cotta or beige color look good on walls?

Cindy from Oklahoma



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By (Guest Post) 07/07/2005 Flag

a good color with burgundy is a tan or beige. I have American Tradition by Valspar paint in a color called "homespun". By the way I'm also from Oklahoma.

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By (Guest Post) 07/07/2005 Flag

Sage green is a beautiful color to go with Burgandy.

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By Elaine 1 3 07/07/2005 Flag

Depending on the size of your room a deep green would look good also. In our home office, we have burgundy drapes, accents and wallpapered below a chair rail in a blue, burgundy, gold and cream stripe.

The room is about 12X12 and it really made the room pop instead of making it appear smaller. (The deep blue in the wallpaper stripe was a runner up choice to the green.)

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By KLS8800 (Guest Post) 07/07/2005 Flag

Ivory is a wonderful colour to go with burgandy. Its a lovely contrast to the dark rich colour, and in smaller rooms it is a bit of a relief. If you have a very large room, you could go with hunter green or a darker green, but in smaller rooms, you want to have the lighter colours just to make it seem not so cramped and overbearing. Also, if it is a smaller room, less is more in furnishings. In size and quanity. Mirrors can also brighten a room. Streamlined but elegant for small rooms, more ornate for larger rooms. Good luck.

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By Michele (Guest Post) 07/07/2005 Flag

We just painted our living room/kitchen (open into each other) Mountain Sage paint from Behr, bought at Home Depot. It goes great with burgundy. I have burgundy and hunter green thru out my home.

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By Vi Johnson 286 801 07/07/2005 Flag

I have a friend that painted one wall a shade of burgandy and the other walls are a soft shade of country blue. Looks real nice. Also I like gold ( not metalic ) shades and Burgandy. Are you throughly confused yet?Go to the paint store and get the paint chips to take home. Put two -three together on the walls. Take another set of them to another room and do the same. Now go back to the room you are going to paint. How do they look? It helps to leave and come back to get a different light on them. Have fun ,it is only paint. GG,Vi

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By Julie Chalich (Guest Post) 07/08/2005 Flag

I just painted my room, which also had paneling on the walls. The main wall I painted in an orange color (almost a terracota color) went great with the bedspread, which had hues of red, burgandy, and orange in it. And the paneling, I covered in a brown paper bag. Very romantic and almost like your on vacation!

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By Laura P (Guest Post) 07/08/2005 Flag

A fabulous color to go with burgundy is blue -- eggshell blue.

The opposite of red in the colorwheel is green, but a straight complement here probably wouldn't be agreeable. I have seen burgundy and light blue together in both clothing and decor and have always thought it was a sophisticated combination.

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By Sandie (Guest Post) 11/11/2008 Flag

We are doing a complete remodel. Why I'm basing a majority of my color choices to burgundy is because I have some really, really cool burgundy/grey/white specked marble. I'm going to use it around the fireplace and in front of a door. BUT my kitchen is opened to the front room so I can't have it be to much of contrast with the burgundy in the front room. There is oak trim throughout.

Suggestions for color of kitchen to not clash with the front room? I plan on just making 1 wall with the burgundy on it and the rest a taupe/beige of some sort. But the kitchen? Any, and I mean ANY suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.

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By jodie (Guest Post) 01/24/2009 Flag

Choose a dark beige hue. I have leather burgundy couches with this color...beautiful. I also have shelving in the room painted burgundy with gold sponged on top, and all my picture frames are thick and gold colored.

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By Sally 16 223 04/02/2009 Flag

(Submitted via email)

What was the name of the paint that you used? It sounds beautiful! Where did you get your paint? We have Home Depot and Benjamin Moores. Natalie

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