Use A Hand Sander On Your Feet


This is a beauty tip for taking care of your feet while avoiding the expense. Getting dead skin off your feet is difficult but those aids you buy simply don't do the job.

Just get a small hand sander. They are cheap and it is worth it. Buy some high grade sandpaper, the stronger the better. Simply affix to the sander and sand away all the dead skin. I would love sell my idea to spas, but no one has caught on as yet. Oh well.

Less time, less energy, you will certainly appreciate the look and feel of your feet. Please remember that as u try this process and the feel of the sander, you will get the hang of it. Let me know if you like it.

By Janet from Toronto, Ontario



By 11 04/18/2007

I just use an emery board. The rough side works best.

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By Cathy (Guest Post) 04/21/2007

Along with the largest and roughest emery board (or nailfile) that I can find, I have also used the paint sanding blocks. These are great as they are usually coarse sandpaper glued over a foam block, and can be rinsed clean and reused when you are finished scrubbing your feet. I keep these in the shower, and scrub while showering. Works a treat!
Cathy in Townsville.

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By Liz (Guest Post) 04/28/2007

I have tried this or I should say that I was lucky enough to have DH do it for me. Feet felt great

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By rox (Guest Post) 09/22/2007

I recently used fine sandpaper on the bottom of my feet,
the best pedicure I ever had.
It was inexpensive and effectful.
My feet feels like a baby's bottom.

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By foot boy (Guest Post) 04/09/2008

I use a handheld orbital sander that is used for like woodworking. I use coarse then finer sandpaper and it takes off in minutes what takes all day by hand. Just have to be careful not to apply too much pressure and keep it moving around. I am a man and my feet are smoother than any girls that I have ever felt.

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By Trip (Guest Post) 08/19/2008

I just used a black & decker Fs500 120v sander for my heals. I get a lot of hard skin on my heals and decided to use my electronic sander. I did both feet in under 5 mins and also got a free foot massage at the same time, it make your feet tingle, never done this before but now i have and my heals are smooth. I will do this one every 3 or 4 weeks and see how it goes, if you do use the 120v sander, Do Not Apply Too Much Pressure just hold it agented your heals and move it around for 2 1/2 mins then do the other heal in the same manner. Hope it helps as it has done so for me.

Trip Clearwater Fl

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By 72 03/10/2009

Great idea. I sent hubby to get a sander and he came back with a disposable sanding block. It's like a hand-sized eraser shape made of a foam material, but with sandpaper texture on all surfaces. It worked great. Thanks for the inspiration!

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By 38 03/10/2009

This is a great tip but, the dryness continues or sometimes gets worse. What I did after first sanding the rough skin off my feet is rub vaseline (best) or any other moisturizer of choice and put on some socks and wear it all night long and you will find that your feet are so soft and moisturized like a new babes skin. You can also do this with your hands. use cotton gloves. also, don't ever shave hard skin--it just grows thicker (experience taught me that) good luck

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By 135 03/10/2009

I love this tip. Women after menopause usually get the extreme dry hard skin on the feet as we stop producing as much body oil. I have been trying everything and this sound like the best idea. BTW, NEUTROGENIA is THE BEST product for feet. I have no interest in the company other than a very satisfied customer. Karen

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By 101 04/23/2011

Wow! Who would have thought this would be a good idea?

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By 3 05/19/2012

I tried a few months ago. Saves you hundreds in pedicure fees. Surprised
more people haven't caught on yet!

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By 3 05/19/2012

I tried the hand sander a few months ago. The best thing I've done so far. Saves a bundle on pedicures!

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