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Will Facial Contour Change After Tooth Extraction?

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If I have a jaw tooth pulled and don't get a partial, bridge, or implant to replace the tooth. Will my teeth shift or my face contour change at my age? I'm 68 yrs old. I have no other missing teeth. You can't see this tooth in question, when I smile.

By txbetty from Lubbock, TX


Recent Answers

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By Toni Clouston08/08/2009

My boyfriend has had a few teeth removed here and there top and bottom. His face has changed.

By Heather Krucker [10]08/05/2009

I had a tooth pulled upper right and it is not noticable. My face and teeth have not changed. The dentist did tell me that it might shift and then I could get a bridge if I desired. I'm only 43 and the tooth has been out about 8 years.

By Cindy [6]08/05/2009

I only have 16 teeth left. I wear a partial denture on the top, so the top is full. However, on the bottom, I only have teeth from the left to just past the middle. In other words, I have no teeth on the bottom right of my mouth and you cant tell at all when you look at me. Obviously, I just cant chew very well on that side. I wouldn't worry about it. Good Luck!

By Dolores [1]08/05/2009

As a Registered Dental assistant since 1987 and dental assistant since 1976. Your teeth will move, Depending on where the missing tooth will be. If it is the last tooth without another behind it, then you might expect the tooth below or above it to move to meet it's partner. If it's between other teeth then the tooth behind usually moves forward, again the tooth above or below will shift to meet tooth (even with a crown missing, which means cutting more tooth down and hoping there's room to place a crown later) If it were me an implant is the best, a bridge next and partial second. Think about it. Your teeth are the only thing you can take with you when you go. Invest in yourself your worth it. Used to be that models would have their wisdom teeth or 3rd molars extracted to give them a gaunt look.
Hope this helps.

By Michelle Landreth [15]08/05/2009

No! Your face will stay the same. I have a crown that fell off one night while eating a piece of chicken and I've yet to get it fixed. You can't tell that the tooth is not there. The only way you will know it is if I tell you. :o)

By mcw [80]08/04/2009

That's a question that only a dentist can answer!

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