Rooting A Cutting From A Lilac Bush


How can I start a lilac bush from a bush clipping?

Hardiness Zone: 7a

By Ruth from Hunnewell, KS


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By Ann Winberg 306 239 04/10/2011

Lilacs put out shoots, little upstart plants around the base, that is the easiest way to start a new plant. I am not sure you would have any luck starting one from a cutting. But I wish you luck, I have never had one root myself either in water or soil.

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By Lee 6 111 04/10/2011

You don't bother with a cutting. I don't know if this is true or not but I took shoots from a friend, planted in 5 spots, and the one that did the best was the one I planted 2 together. Be careful if you weed and feed, I got to close to them and they turned black on me. Hoping they come back this year.

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By Lee 6 111 04/10/2011

I am always taking cuttings from people, and have found that they only root at certain times, I think in spring, and you will need root starter.

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By Wendy Cush 1 04/29/2012

I took shoots from my 60 year old lilac bush last summer to plant at a new house and they are growing nicely. All I did was chop shoots with a shovel and stick in the ground with a lot of water. I didn't water again and never fed. No blooms yet but I understand it takes a few years of growth before they bloom.

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How do I root and/or transplant a cutting from a lilac bush?


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