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Removing Floor Wax from Pergo Floor


How do I remove floor wax from my Pergo floor?

By Bobbie from Memphis, TN


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By debi 4 01/27/2011

Hi, I have never removed floor wax from Pergo, but I have removed it from carpet. Since it is a hard surface, you may be able to harden the wax with ice then scrape it using a nylon scraper. I used a brown paper bag and an iron. I put the paper bag over the wax and then ironed over top until it had melted some of the wax (you can see the wax on the paper bag) and then flipped the bag over and repeated the process, using a clean bag when necessary. My wax was red and my carpet is beige so there was also a stain problem to deal with. I used an old pillow case in the same manner as the paper bag until the stain was gone.
Hope this helps.

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This is a question that you really need to contact the Pergot company about so as not to risk permanently damaging the flooring!

maidinmontana, I think Bobbie is talking about floor shining wax and not candle wax.

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