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Removing Black Soot from Woodstove Window

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Vinegar on a newspaper works great on getting the black soot off of your woodstove window and much easier than using oven cleaner.

By Donna Marie



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By ElsieD (Guest Post)03/07/2008

I use Easy Off lemon scented aresol. It works great. Just like windex on a dirty window. You don't even have to wait. Just spray it on, and wipe it off. Easy as slicing a piece of pumking pie. I love how this works!

By Lara Warwick04/02/2005

I keep the glass in my wood burning stove clean by pouring some AJAX dish soap into hot water. I then soak the rag and wipe them off. It's easy. Just watch for drips.

By Weezie04/01/2005

I just use a damp newspaper dipped in the wood ashes to clean my stove window. Then I dip another newpaper page in plain water and rinse the window off and dry it with another newspaper page. Then I let the pages dry and use them later for starting my fire. Make sure your window is luke warm or cold.... not hot.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]04/01/2005

I've found that when cleaning wood burning stoves that FANTASTIK works very well for cleaning the soot off of the windows while it's still warm but NOT HOT.

By PammyD

By Cindy Kosloski [1]02/21/2005

We use oven cleaner, first we spray it on a cool window, wait 5 maybe 10 minutes, wipe all the clean off with newspaper,or paper towels, then we spray window clean on it, wipe it down and we have a great window to watch our fire throght

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]02/19/2005

I clean my wood stove window by placing a large newspaper under it to catch the soot that drops while I am cleaning it.

I use window cleaner, car washing fluid or whatever I have and spray on the stove window. I rub with newspaper and then I toss the paper into the stove.

To keep the windows from becoming sooty quickly, I use paper to start my fire and try to keep paper and wood away from the door so the window does not get soot stained. I want to get as much heat out that window as possible.

By Jill

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