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Looking for Lightweight Gift Ideas for Family Overseas


I have a daughter and son-in-law living overseas and need gift ideas for Christmas that don't weigh too much. These could include novelty, fun ideas from the good old USA, and also nice gift ideas. The first couple boxes were easy, we called them our 'Weightless Gift Projects", and the whole family participated. It's getting harder to think of things.

Thank you.



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By Linda L. 83 323 11/06/2004 Flag

How about gift cards to companies that will ship overseas that they might like, and that have web-sites to order from. A digital camera if they don't have one, or web-cam might be super gifts, too.

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By Tawnda 7 44 11/27/2004 Flag

My mother is on a limited income and so I try to send her goodie boxes once in a while and I learned real quick what to send and what NOT to send. (Beacause it added too much weight)

If they are overseas, maybe there are food items they cannot get over there.

I send things like Pop Tarts, Top Ramen, Kool-Aid, etc.

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By Guest Gia (Guest Post) 03/12/2005 Flag

Travel size toiletries, sunblock, a magazine or two, sugar free items (can't believe the sugarfree candy they have out now: chocolate Kisses, Reeces Peanut Butter Cups, etc. I found them at Target and I'm sure other stores have them as well.), powder seasoning packets from that Louisiana chef guy Paul Pro-something (see in grocery stores), herbal teas, coffee in tea bags, low sodium soy sauce comes in smaller bottles and hot sauce (in red and green), stickers for kids, mini stapler that refill with standard size staples (found in Walmart)...very cute!, Post-its notes in fun colors or novelty design, highlighter markers and permeant markers (Sharpies) in different colors and sizes, printout personal ("business") cards for the kids or anyone else in the family (they have fun and cute (cartoons, flowers, etc.) ones in catalogs and I'm sure they have nice selection at the printers too)
You can put all the small items in these reusable plastic containser w/ lids that come in packs of 3s for I think less than a $1.

Looking forward to other suggestions coz I have family overseas as well.

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By jojo (Guest Post) 08/26/2005 Flag

For xmas this year I bought fancy wool @$1 per ball at a dollar store and knit each of my nieces beautiful scarves. At another dollar store I bought them each a pair of toe-socks to co-ordinate with their scarf. Each prezzie cost around $7 each and the scarves look very expensive. I even had a few friends from work pay me to knit some for them! They won't weigh much and won't cost too much to post. Personal presents made well in advance of xmas!

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By Shashana 2 08/22/2007 Flag

You can find great goodies to send at

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By Shellee (Guest Post) 07/01/2008 Flag

Have you sent some of those freeze-dried fruits and veggies? What about those mini-whatevers (Zen garden, ticker-tape parade, bonsai, etc...) from Border's?

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By Lisa (Guest Post) 11/28/2008 Flag

Around Christmas time, get a 6 pack of socks at a general store and attach candy canes with ribbon. They really need the socks and will enjoy the fun surprise.

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By (Guest Post) 12/06/2008 Flag

When they are travalling accomodation is a killer cost. A gift voucher in the currency of the place will be a super treat and lasting memory.

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By kathleen williams 76 1,661 04/25/2009 Flag

What about sending money? They can get what they need, good luck.

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By Hassel 1 11/09/2010 Flag

There's a company called
They deliver gifts to plenty of destinations worldwide and their gift catalog is really huge. You can find everything here and can even create your own custom gift basket.

I have used them many times and they always provided excellent and reliable service. The only time that I had a complaint about a damaged item it was replaced the next day and I was happy with their communication and swift response to the problem

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