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Furniture Dents in Carpet

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How do you get carpet fiber to rise as a result of indentations caused by furniture?

By James from Philadelphia, PA


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By elainehychko01/09/2014

Steam iron worked awesome but I also wet the towel layed it over the dent and then steamed it with the iron worked awesome.

By Katie02/19/2011

Thank you to everyone who said that a steam iron would do the trick. It really does work! I tried the ice cube method but with no luck. Thanks again my carpet looks great.

By neuroticmom [9]12/07/2010

I think it depends on the carpet. I am a little OCD :) so when I was moving out of my last home I went around and removed all the dents from the rugs after all the furniture was out. I tried the ice cube method but it didn't work. I used the steam iron method with a kitchen towel over the dent and then the steam from the iron I then used a spoon to fluff the carpet it worked wonders. When we moved into our present house which is filled with Berber carpet the steam iron nor the ice cube method worked. We have been here over 2 years and I am still plagued with dents from the former owners furniture.

By lesley [1]12/07/2010

The ice cube trick works fantastically.

By dede smith [17]12/07/2010

Steam it with an iron. Do not set the iron directly on the carpet. It will melt it! Just burst it with steam.

By karen12/07/2010

Try placing an ice cube in each indent and leave over night its magic!

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