How Often Should You Trim Hair?


My wife had our three daughters' waist length hair cut very short. They are ages 7, 10 ,and 12. My wife is planning to keep our daughters' hair very short from now on. How often should we trim their hair? Every 3 or 4 weeks?

Frank from Hempstead



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The rule of thumb is that hair grows one half inch a month ... Depending on the style of the cut, it's possible to stretch haircutting for up to six weeks and the cut still look good :-) You'll know within a couple of months which style for each child needs to be cut often or not :-)

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By londa (Guest Post) 08/30/2008

Your daughters are old enough to tell you what they want done with their hair. This small freedom to chose is important to give to any person, especially a child. I let my own daughter dictate when and how much cutting was to be done. I didn't always like it, but it's her head!


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By Melanie Jackson 1 373 08/31/2008

I agree that the kids should want short hair before you cut it. :-)

I have short hair, and I just cut it whenever it needs cutting. Hair growth has no schedule; when the hair starts looking messy or too bulky, that's when it needs to be cut.

Hope this helps!

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By dru 1 88 08/31/2008

i so agree with londa. u could've at least asked the girls if they wanted their hair cut~especially waist lenth hair...when i was a child my parents used 2 do the same thing. i loved my hair long...then poof*it would all b chopped off...how sad....

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By dietvanilla (Guest Post) 09/02/2008

It's every 6 weeks (I think) for you to get their hair trimmed again. Daughter hates getting it comb and cut and I use the Suave kids shampoo and conditioner in one made for kids gets rid of tangles and makes brushing easy. I just get her bangs and backs trimmed (she is autistic) she freaks out but we go to a great place. The Suave brand is cheap and good we use it a lot. Now when she is older (5 non verbal in a way) and wants it cut short then we will but right now not in her face and she is cool with it.

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By Lisa (Guest Post) 09/02/2008

It will be every two weeks because if you have your daughters waist length hair cut very short like a boy. Very short hair must be trimmed often. That what I did, my two daughters waist length hair was cut very short like a boy from the the barber shop. Before the very short haircut, my daughters had waist length hair which only needed every six months to trim in the hairdresser. Now I take my daughters to the barber shop, chop off waist length hair into a very boys haircut. Now my girls has very short hair. I told the barbers how often to keep my girls very short hair from now on, they told my me every 2 weeks.

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Lisa, unless your girls have a crew/butch/buzz type of cut there is no way their hair needs to be cut every two weeks. The barber is simply telling you that to make more money :-( Hair only grows 1/2 inch a month ... The majority of short haircuts look fresh for at least four weeks ...

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By m (Guest Post) 09/28/2008

I have two girls with short hair, and believe me, you can TELL when they need a haircut. I don't keep it on a schedule, just when it starts to look tacky or gets too tangly on the ends.

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By amy 2 24 10/15/2008

Maybe the kids DID want their hair short. My daughter just cut her hair above the shoulders, by request because it was getting tougher to maintain it. the brushing hurt when tangled. We took care of that problem. Trim every 4-6 weeks or until needed.

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By Maya (Guest Post) 01/05/2009

Every 3 weeks to keep my three daughters very short hair in shape. My daughters used have waist length hair, until I cut their hair very short.

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