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Removing Cat Pee and Odor from Carpet

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cat on carpet

When you kitty has an accident on the carpet it can be difficult to remove the pee and the odor. This is a guide about removing cat pee and odor from carpet.



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Question: Cat Pee Doesn't Dry?

My daughter is moving out of an apartment and the management company tells her they have a device that will detect cat pee in the carpet because cat pee doesn't dry - has ANYONE heard of this before? I've contacted the company that sells this device - it is actually used to detect moisture from water damage, water, etc. nothing about cat pee, and am awaiting a response from them. I cannot find anywhere on the internet if cat pee truly does not dry - I need to find out how they can use this as a defense before we do the walk through.



Most Recent Answer

By Red Neck (Guest Post)10/23/2008

I'd suggest Anti Icky Poo, or other products that contain bacteria (not just enzymes). The bacteria in Anti Icky Poo is purportedly hardier than the other brands such that it can withstand some disinfectants, not a problem unless you tried disinfectants first. The bacteria will spread to follow its food source (the cat pee, wherever it managed to soak) until it has been consumed. It might temporarily stink worse until the bacteria have finished. The phosphorus salts in the urine are not affected, and will still show under black light. But they can be removed from the surface by conventional shampooing.

Question: Removing Cat Pee Odor from Carpet

Seal point Siamese cat on blue cat tree.My cat who is being treated for a UTI is adamant that he will continue to pee on the carpet in the same area rather than use his litter box; however, he does use the box at times, it varies. I've use peroxide, vinegar, and baking soda in past, but I am out of it at home. Sometimes it worked; sometimes it didn't. My question: I do have rubbing alcohol in my cabinet at this time,. Does anyone know if this will discourage a cat from peeing on the carpet once he smells this strong, unpleasant odor?

By Kathy


Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]07/13/2011

The is a product called Comfort Zone with feliway ( and many pet stores). It is pricey. It comes in a spray and diffuser. Cats will not mark where it is sprayed. It works very well (spray is best, diffuser helps) but you must use it daily, or even twice daily. Be sure you have gotten rid of as much odor as you can with the enzymatic cleaner (it can take a day or two to dry) I like Natures Miracle. Many pet stores carry it.

Question: Removing Cat Pee and Odor from Carpet

I took my cat to the vet and she did have a UTI. She still is peeing in the same spot. What do I do? We live in a an apartment and that will be a pretty fee when we are out of here. I did get a new cat box, the Tidy Cat Breeze one, with pellets. Should I go back to the old way or the electronic way?

By Kim from Mishawaka, IN

Most Recent Answer

By purpledaizy07/07/2011

My adventures today have lead me here in a desperate attempt to fix the cat pee smell invading my new apartment. I am pretty sure I just moved into your appartment because, eww, this place smells like a litter box. I have been scrubbing all day with hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish washing soap, and Arm and Hammer baking still smells so horrible!! I am not exaggerating. The complex just cleaned the carpets with a machine but the smell didn't come out. To be honest, the only thing you can do is replace the carpet/matting. The smell really cannot be removed. So here is to you, all you people who let your cats pee all over everything. I now gag every time I enter my apartment and when I get a wiff of the floor. I also get to spend hours and lots of money on your rude neglect. I am just going to get a lot of air fresheners and douse the place. I am hoping the smell subsides in the winter. Do you think if I bought a bunch of rugs the smell would stay underneath them?

Solutions: Removing Cat Pee and Odor from Carpet

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