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Inexpensive Substitute for Gesso

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I would like to do some de'coupage. Gesso is really expensive. Does anyone have an inexpensive substitute?




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By Karen (Guest Post)02/23/2006

Isn't gesso more of a primer for canvas? I make my own stretched canvas frames and instead of priming them with gesso I just use white latex paint.

By valery [13]09/29/2005

Thanks so much for the tips. I will try the glue. I thought maybe I could try that. I really hate to waste the money on the gesso. Val

By Michele (Guest Post)09/25/2005

I use Mod Podge or if I am out I use just plain white school glue watered down a little.

Hope this helps.

By Julia (Guest Post)09/25/2005

Hi Valery,

I never use the Mod Podge that's made specifically
for decoupaging work. I just use a plain white glue
like Elmers although it certainly doesn't have to be
Elmer's... I add water to the glue to the consistency
that I need, and decoupage away.

All the best.
Julia in Orlando, FL

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