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Homemade Dry Eraser Fluid

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Does anyone have the chemical recipe to make a batch of dry erase marker fluid? I'm a teacher in Mexico, where the cost of buying dry erase markers is very high.

By April from Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico


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By muzamalms07/06/2014

I want to ask how can I prepare my own white board ink? Please help me. I want to prepare for my stock use.

By aprilpepper [1]09/02/2010

Thanks Metroplex.
I am actually looking for the fluid recipe for the markers. My cousin taught in rural Peru last year, and they could buy little bottles of it. They just had to take the plug out of the end of the marker, put a few drops in, and voila! Fresh marker, cheap! But I haven't been able to find anything like that here, yet.

By Kerry Browning [2]06/24/2010

De-natured alcohol. Just spray and wipe. Buy at hardware store.

By metroplex [82]06/23/2010

Sorry i had a question. do you mean the spray on fluid to erase the ink?

Because they do make actual erasers for dry erase boards. They look similar to the old fashioned ones I used for chaulkboards. I don't believe they are expensive and they'd last longer than a spray bottle of eraser.

By metroplex [82]06/23/2010

I don't have a recipe, but can you try a small part of the board using rubbing alcohol?

Or, I'd get the ingredients from a bottle of the real stuff and see what the first couple of ingredients are. Maybe you could try that?

Good luck and God bless you for the work you are doing. It must be like trying to sail a ship with one hand. You have a gift and are using it! How blessed you are.

By Amy06/22/2010

Not sure if it work well or not.

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