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Tip for Pie Crusts and Pastries

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Keep some butter or margarine in the freezer. When you make a pastry, grate the butter or margarine needed into the flour and salt mixture. Then, it will need just a little mixing before sprinkling on the water in sections. It keeps the pastry dough cooler and eliminates much of the handling so it is very flaky.

Source: my mom

By Harriet from Lakewood, CA


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By Rose Smith [44]05/11/2008

What a great idea...thanks

By Beth [25]05/07/2008

The fastest way to make a pie crust I found is in the food processor. It seems I use my food processor more to mix things than I do to chop things. It mixes the fat with the flour in a couple of seconds and I add my liquid through the top. It takes me longer to get the ingredients out and put away than it takes to make it!

By Nola. (Guest Post)05/07/2008

Tried this yesterday and it worked really well.

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