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Free Entertainment Ideas

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Free Entertainment Ideas, Mother and Daughter Playing in a Fountain

Free entertainment can be hard to come by, especially for the whole family. However, there are free entertaining events going on from time to time if you watch the schedules in your local area. This is a guide about free entertainment ideas.


Solutions: Free Entertainment Ideas

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Tip: Take Advantage of Free Performances

We get schedules of student performances at our local colleges and attend the free ones.

By Ruth from New York

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Here are questions related to Free Entertainment Ideas.

Question: Free Entertainment Ideas

I'm unemployed right now. What are some things that I can do that are low cost or free for fun. I would appreciate any ideas you can give me.


Most Recent Answer

By Lisa [75]06/20/2013

If you live in a city, check your local entertainment guide (many cities have a free weekly one) and see what you can do for free. Where I live, there are tons of free festivals, free outdoor film showings, free comedy nights at cafes..the list is endless. You can also enjoy green spaces in your area by bringing a picnic and doing a little walking or hiking. Do a search online for free stuff to do in "insert your city name here" and you'll get some great ideas. Also check your tourism office, they always have great suggestions. Many people never think to be a tourist in their own city. Good luck!

Question: Entertainment Ideas For Following An Anniversary Dinner

My husband and I will be celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary. We plan to invite about 100 guests for dinner at a local restaurant. I need some suggestions as to what we could do following the dinner vs. just eating and have our guests leave. I would like to have at least one hour of some type of entertainment. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Shirley Ungiran


Most Recent Answer

By Guest (Guest Post)09/27/2005

Have a toast ceremony, and also include some of the surival tips that have helped them thru.My hubby and I reflect of friends old and new. Put memories of before kids, after kids, the good hard bad and tasteful memories,