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Baby Shower Fruit Tray

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Baby Shower Fruit Tray

Baby Shower Fruit Tray

I prepared a fruit tray for my daughter-in-law's baby shower. I made a watermelon baby carriage; embellished the tray with my son's Charlie Brown character, flowers and greenery. I used cantaloupe balls, strawberries, kiwi, grapes, fresh pineapple, peaches and blueberries. I used lemon rounds for the "wheels" of the carriage, cut a slice into a baby carriage "handle". I placed small pieces of fruit (grapes, blueberries, etc.) to cover toothpicks. I made orange, lemon and lime baskets to fill in corners of the tray and filled them with small fruits. I served it with vanilla and chocolate fruit dip. The chocolate fruit dip was placed in a 31 year old ceramic baby carriage.

By WandaJo from Tennessee



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Recipe: Wedding Shower Fruit Tray

Wedding Shower Fruit Tray DisplayServes approximately 25.

Time to prepare: 9 hours.


  • One large white rectangle tray with handles.
  • Two pedestal serving dishes
  • A ceramic wedding couple
  • Tulle for decorating purposes on tray and serving dishes
  • Two heart shaped dishes on pedestals decorated with tulle, ribbons and faux pearls.
  • Tongs, serving scoops and small serving ladles with ribbons tied on handles.
  • Fruit: Watermelon, Canteloupe, Honeydew melon, blueberries, kiwi, lemons, limes, oranges, grapes (white and red seedless), strawberries, raspberries and a whole pineapple.


The fruit tray was lined with a rectangle paper doily, then hydranga leaves were placed on the inside of the tray. The halves of a small watermelon and canteloupe were carved into boats. The pineapple was cut in half; the leaves of one half were cut off and discarded. The fruit of the melons and pineapple were cut into balls or cut into cubes and refrigerated until the tray was assembled.

The lemons and limes and oranges were used for fruit carvings, plus a few of the strawberries were carved into roses for garnishments. English ivy and other greenery were used to adorn the garnishments which were used on the completed tray. The heart shaped pedestal bowls were used for fruit dip; these bowls are adored with tulle and resemble a wedding veil. Serve with chocolate and vanilla fruit dip or any fruit dip of your choice.

The fruit tray assembled is:

  • The canteloupe on the left side with melon and blueberries in it; garnished with strawberry roses.

  • In the center is the pineapple boat with the pineapple greenery. The greenery was garnished with verigated ivy, strawberry rose and a lemon garnishment.

  • The watermelon boat was filled with the remaining fruit.

  • The other half of the pineapple was placed in front of the canteloupe boat; it was filled with pineapple chunks and loose grapes, garnishment of ivy and grapes.

  • The kiwi and honeydew melon balls filled in the empty places in the front of the tray.

  • The two-tiered pedestal had grapes filled around the bottom tray. The top tray was adorned with the ceramic wedding couple draped in tulle with faux pearls. An LED light was lit under the bottom of the pedestal which glowed through the tulle which was draped over the top of the second pedestal to the bottom of it and puddled on the table with ribbons tied to the ends.

By JOSE from Collierville, TN Wedding Shower Fruit Tray Display

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