Clover Valley Soups at the Dollar General


In case you haven't noticed, the price of a single can of name brand soup has gone up so high that a person trying to budget can't hardly afford it. I found that Clover Valley Bean with Bacon soup is comparable in taste to another National Brand, with the exception being you get 18.6 oz. of the Clover Valley for $1 whereas the national brand for almost 1/2 as much, you pay over $1 almost $1.50! I find this brand at Dollar General Stores but I haven't checked elsewhere.



By Debbie Dzurilla 28 1,124 11/08/2007

Thanks for the tip. I've never tried that brand of soup. You know too, you can doctor up and stretch canned soups and make them tastier and feed more people.

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By tracey Kenard 1 20 11/08/2007

I agree! I think people try to turn their noses up cause Clover Valley is sold only @ the Dollars store & some act like that's beneath them. If it wasnt for the dollar stores, my family would be in serious trouble! Good post!

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By Vi Johnson 286 801 11/08/2007

Bean and Bacon soup is the base of a recipe for "soft" tacos I used to make almost 50 yrs.ago and still do today. Heat the soup WITHOUT adding water( or a small amount if to thick).It makes a paste, you can add crumbled/shredded meat if you want. I usually just use the soup with chopped onions,lettuce,black olives ,tomatos,shredded cheese or even left over hash browns,chopped green chilies,rice. Just whatever I have on hand.Use a small amount of butter to cook the corn tortillas, just warm, turn over, warm the other side, fill and eat. Sometimes I use "Pepper Sauce " instead of Hot Sauce for a differeant flavor. Yum GG Vi

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By melody_yesterday (Guest Post) 11/08/2007

Great Granny Vi :: the soft tacos sound GREAT !
nardog :: yes & why so many people end up in trouble with the finances = too picky!
Post by Debbie52 :: your welcome! I find adding 3 teaspoons (or 4 depending on my mood) dollar store powdered soups to both the tomato & to the chicken noodle (all I have found that I can stretch with so far) & an extra can of water work wonders !
I generally don't buy canned beef vegetable soup because I make a GREAT freezer soup from leftover veggies & beef that is 100x better ! ;)

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By eve (Guest Post) 11/08/2007

Also you can good buys on frozen food at Dollar Tree, They are putting lots of good frozen food in, just try them.

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By Pam (Guest Post) 08/17/2008

I buy the Clover Valley vegetable soup all the time (or I did). An employee told me yesterday at my local Dollar General store in NC that they would no longer be carrying that soup. Are there any other stores besides Dollar General that sells the Clover Valley Vegetable Soup?

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By Mike Edmonds (Guest Post) 08/18/2008

Dear Dollar General shoppers:
We can e-mail to the following link:
Let them know that you want them to continue carrying Clover Valley products! Good luck all! Mike

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By Beverly in Raymond MS (Guest Post) 08/23/2008

The chicken and rice soup is awesome! In fact, we prefer the Clover Valley brand over a lot of nationally known brands. I have found Clover Valley ONLY at Dollar General, and have looked elsewhere myself.

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By Kelli (Guest Post) 09/22/2008

I would like Dollar General to continue to carry Clover Valley products. I LOVE the chewy granola bars, chocolate chip, that Dollar General carried. Please bring them back!

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By Roger Fridy (Guest Post) 09/30/2008

I really like the bean/bacon soup. It's my favorite an most of my neighbors also. Can't seem to find it anymore? What is the problem? I know whoever makes it for you would be glad to make it for you.Y ou are like wal-mart, if you like something they sell it. I guarantee you they will quit stocking it. They try to control what you buy. Thanks

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By Mike M. (Guest Post) 11/01/2008

I can't get the Clover Valley Veg. Soup in Winter Haven FL. Have they stopped making it?

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By Marvin (Guest Post) 11/19/2008

We can't find the Clover Valley Vegetable Soup at our local Dollar General in Sarasota. Does anyone know what's going on with this product? Is it available anywhere else? Please help! Thanks.

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By GEOSTEM (Guest Post) 02/05/2009

Dollar General has discontinued C.V. Bean w/Bacon soup, which wasn't a particularly smart marketing move viewing it from this side of the aisle. You can email DG and ask to have the product put back on the shelves or don't do anything about it and do without from now on. Mass emailings get attention of those in charge.

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By dg emp (Guest Post) 02/14/2009

Many things at dollar general get (as we call it) pulled. this is when head office sends us messages to tell us that a product needs taken off the shelf. this is not a recall but it is a safety check (they check a batch of items in an unspecified time). this is why you won't find some products on the shelf.______ clover valley is dollar generals generic name. Just like great value at walmart. Again we work hard to save you time and money and we care about our customers safety.

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By Rich 10/28/2009

Just don't buy the clover valley beef bullion cubes your soup will taste like musty rotted meat. It ruined a big pot of soup I made.

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By Nancy 10/11/2010

My husband and I are retired and on a small fixed income. Trying to save pennies, I bought CVpintos recently. We planned to have them tonight for our dinner. They were not done, still half hard, and we could not eat them. So instead of saving $, I wasted $. We have never had this happen with the other brands of canned pinto beans.

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By Shawna Watson 02/06/2013

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