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Permanent Marker On Rubber

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I have a pair of new shoes with rubber non-skid soles. Bought them onsale, price on bottom of sole in permanent black marker. Have tried alcohol, both rubbing and denatured, Dawn, little pad soaked in oxy-clean, fingernail polish remover, etc. Problem is, I sit with my leg crossed lots of time when wearing casual clothes and shoes such as this, don't want the price "glaring". LOL.




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By Paula (Guest Post)09/03/2008

Take the shoes back to TJ MaXX. They have a very liberal return policy. 30 days with receipt or store credit. I have returned many things, with no questions or problems. I don't work for the store. I am just a very loyal customer. It is one store that has never done me wrong. back to the problem. I have had the same ordeal. I have tried all of the above. Elbow grease is the best, or just return!

By :] (Guest Post)08/27/2008

The same thing happened to me today, so I bought a new pair. Thanks, I now know how to get it off.

By laura limon (Guest Post)11/06/2007

I tried sandpaper on the soles, and voila! it worked! Thanks!

By Amy (Guest Post)10/09/2007

OMG...I used the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on my rubber soles and voila! Awesome! Thx!

By kenny jae (Guest Post)11/10/2006

are these products..["oops"] available in australia?

By matt (Guest Post)03/17/2006

WD-40 works. you know the stuff you use to lubricate engine parts? yeah. that stuff is great for getting off permanent marker

By Carol Johnson [1]02/02/2005

Hi, Thank you for all the feedback. I tried a paste of oxiclean, rubbing alcohol, denatured alcohol, tilex, Undo, ammonia, finally propped the one shoe with just that particular sole area into the lid( using it like a saucer) from the oxyclean container and poured full strength Clorox into it allowing the rubber to sit and sit and sit...LOL. No luck, was lighter though! All the above tries were not combined, they were separate efforts. Anyway it did after overnight in the clorox get lighter.very faint, so I took some tan paste shoe polish and applied it and buffed it out! Didn't like the put them in a donate box. It was my first purchase at that store after reading they have great sales, it will be my last. I will stick with Dillards, Parisian and SOF from now on! Carol ( P.S> tried rubbing with steel wool, and also used coarse large fingernail file. This marker had penetrated the rubber so deeply it was not a surface problem). P.S. Store was TJ Maxx

By jmouse13 (Guest Post)02/01/2005

If you can'y get the price removed then take some markers and color the soles in different colors. Make bugs, butterflys, flowers or ect. Get creative. Joy @

By Jill (Guest Post)01/31/2005

It should come off with "goof off", similar to "oops". It does remove magic marker from most anything.

By Mara [1]01/31/2005

Try using the finest grade sandpaper and rub very gently.

By beanygurl [1]01/31/2005

Have you tried an eraser or even Mr Clean Magic Eraser?

You'd be amazed what you can rub off with a regular white or pink eraser.

You could also call that store and tell them what a stupid practice it is to mark their prices that way!

Good luck

By Reba Gayle Shurden [6]01/30/2005

The only thing I have found to take out permanent marker is a product called "oops!". I don't know if it can be used on rubber or not. If not, you could just take a black permanent marker and draw a big circle or square over the price - or make a stripe all the way across the bottom - who knows- maybe folks will think it's a fancy new shoe marking!! Good Luck!

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