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Disposing Of Old Tires

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I have a friend that does scrap cars, and he has no way of getting rid of old tires. He wants them hauled off. What does he need to do? Thanks.

Steve J.


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By Amy09/30/2009

I have a neighbor who works on cars as a hobby/or for friends/family. Our MUA allows each resident to put up to four tires out on particular dates (no fee) - a few neighbors (& us) lets him put them in front of our house too when it's time. It may even be with the regular trash ( I don't really notice it until the tires appear every few months!), but they do limit the quantity per house.

By Bex09/11/2009

They do indeed make great planters, though I would certainly consider washing them carefully for motor oil if you let them near food plants. Sturdy, uncracked tires do make cool swings.

I have seen tires used a lot on lakes, people often cut them to make bumpers, which can hep prevent scratches and damage to dock and boat intact. I would also consider selling them for $5-10 each (garage sale, craigslist, local paper).

If you can't get good use out of them, I would google for your local shedder/recycler, they are often shredded into rubber mulch, or made into other things.

By Maryeileen [76]09/05/2009

I'd start with City Hall. If the city doesn't recycle them, they should know who does.

By Paula Jo C. [6]09/04/2009

Give them to persons wanting a container garden above ground. My girl friend does this with hers. Her husband is a mechanic on their property and gets a lot of old tires for her. She fills the tire up with top soil then puts a 5lb bag of good soil that she is using to plant the plant in on top of that. No weeds, no animal damage (rabbits), no slugs because they can not get up to where the plants are. Their garden was so productive this summer that they kept 3 or 4 families supplied with fresh vegetables! Now all of us want to try our hand with the old used tires in our yard next year.

They also take used motor oil to stain their deck and out door buildings with. Again the wood looks really neat this way and no bugs (termites) will eat into it. It is the greatest looking stain color I have ever seen and now I want it!
Good luck.

By Cynthia [4]09/04/2009

See if his town recycles old tires. Beware they may charge a fee for each tire. I know for my town I had to go to the Town Hall and purchase a permit for about $5 per tire then the recycling company came and picked up the tire.

By Connie P. [17]09/03/2009

Sign up for freecycle AT Then post the ad for free tires. Someone in the area will want them for free and come and pick them up.

By bj radwanski [1]09/02/2009

Try posting notices on public bulletin boards (like grocery stores) and notifying plant nurseries that they are available free of charge to gardeners. We use them 4 high for potatoes and I am planting carrots and radishes in them this weekend. They are great season extenders because the earth in them gets warm early spring and stays warm well into winter here. They are great for herbs - I can harvest all but the most tender ones year round from the tire beds. I have some that have been disquised and some that are obviously tires - but they are the best raised beds ever!


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Question: Selling Old Tires

I have access to hundreds and hundreds of old tires. How or who do I contact who would purchase these for recycling purposes?

By Paul

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]09/09/2011

Good luck with that! Although there are some uses for old tires (shredded for playground surfaces, and earth-ship houses), I don't know if you are going to find any place that will PAY for them. To my knowledge, a person has to pay to get rid of them, and many landfills won't take them!

Try asking at a tire shop to find out what they do with the ones they accumulate.


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Archive: Disposing Of Old Tires

I am trying to get rid of 19 old tires. Does anyone know where I can take them in Ohio?

Tiffany from Loudonville, OH

RE: Disposing Of Old Tires

These days places like Discount Tires and Les Schwab Tires no longer charge for taking your used tires, because recycling trucks come around and pick them up from them for free. They then chop them up and remove the metal then turn them into playground mulch, garden mulch, and use them when making asphalt to make highways last longer, etc. Call a place that sells tires and ask them if you can bring them in. (09/02/2008)

By Cyinda

RE: Disposing Of Old Tires

I used to work at a store with a tire shop and we had to pay to get them hauled away. If I were you I would check with the county. The Lorain County Solid Waste Management division has a couple of days a year when you drop off tires, computers etc.

Good luck! (09/04/2008)

By Cindy S.

RE: Disposing Of Old Tires

Yes. Definitely check with your county or city, they should be able to tell you where to dispose of them. In some locations, you can leave them out on certain days and the garbage collectors will take care of them, but be sure to check this out first, as in some places you could get a fine for leaving them out. Good luck! (09/09/2008)

By bailegirl

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