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Craft Project: Thread Cone Angel

Thread Cone Angel

Cute angels made from recycled thread cones can be used as decorations or for place settings.

Approximate Time: 20 minutes or less


  • empty white thread cone
  • curly metal pot scraper, gold color
  • white paper
  • gold glitter glue
  • 1 inch wooden bead
  • scrap of narrow gold ribbon
  • felt pen
  • glue gun


From a piece of white paper folded in half, sketch wings and cut out. (When unfolded, they should be approximately 6 inches by 2 inches.)

Decorate edges with glitter glue. Let dry and then glue to cone.

For arms, cut 2 pieces of white paper, 2 inches square and roll each diagonally to make a cone shape. Glue to secure edges.

Flatten narrow ends and trim wide ends evenly. Glue in place for arms.

Glue narrow ribbon around cone one inch from the bottom.

Glue wooden bead to top of cone.

Use a scrap of the curly pot scraper and glue on for hair.

Draw features with felt pen.

By Preserver from Manitoba, Canada

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