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Tiny Hard Shelled Bugs on Kitchen Countertops

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I am having issues in the kitchen with a very tiny bug on my countertops. At first I thought I had spilled coffee grounds, but on closer inspection found out they moved, ever so slowly. Under a magnifying glass you can clearly see they are hard shelled with tiny legs under the bottom side.

I've sprayed and tried home remedies and nothing will get rid of them. I clean my countertops everyday and the next day they are back and not just a couple, there must be 50 or more showing up everyday.

Has anyone any idea of what I am dealing with?

By Nana


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By Terry Lee Babcock G.11/14/2014

I keep seeing these things sound my berm window and under my heater. Anyone know what they are? I was sprayed for varied carpet beetles. They're gone I think. But these creepy things are still around. Help! theresagibson1959 AT Gmail. Com

RE: Tiny Hard Shelled Bugs on Kitchen Countertops

By Donna H.07/26/2013

If you have dog biscuits, check them. I dont know if that's what brought them into my house, but I started noticing these bugs everywhere in my kitchen and living room. And today I went to get my dog a biscuit and they have gone crazy in the box of treats. So if you have dog biscuits and you notice these bugs, check there. I bet thats where they are coming from. Put treats in a container.

By chikira.s.r05/21/2013

Hello 'nanakess' My kitchen has those small brown beetles that you uploaded a picture of on 19th september 2010. I have completely scrubbed and tidied my kitchen countless times but they won't go away. I was wondering if you know what they are called or how to get rid of them? Thank you

By Kevin S.04/08/2013

Dishsoap helps a lot. In the morning when I woke up I have caught a lot, the straglers that get away. They are hard to get rid of. Put the soap in a saucer, you'll find they come to you. Vacuum the cabinates after you go through everyting.

By Nana [3]11/02/2010

Finally, after months and months of battling these tiny buggers, we have won! They are dead and gone and I now have very well organized cupboards, drawers, and counter-tops. Everything was examined and just about all of it was pitched. Now everything is in Tupperware and I mean everything. We all buy food in boxes and this is how they get in the kitchen and take root. Mine came in the dog's biscuit treats.

By Nana [3]09/20/2010

Thank you all for your help.

Beth, please what is the name of the spray that you used? I went to E-How and couldn't find the spray.

Moosemom, yes I read that about Bay leaves, they also say to put clove and or bay leaves in the corners of your shelves.

By Beth [25]09/20/2010

If after you have checked every grain type of product in your cabinets you determine that these are weevils, then I suggest you check out for getting rid of them. That is what helped me when I had them. After removing everything from my cabinets and losing a lot of food, I froze everything I had left. They were living in the cabinetry for a while. It took me three weeks of daily cleaning and spraying with a spray made to kill weevils, but I won!

By Eileen M. [52]09/20/2010

You may want to put bay leaves in your pasta, rice, flour, corn meal, etc. to repel the little critters. I keep my flour in the freezer, just to be sure I don't get weevils, have had them too many times to count! Tupperware is a good storage solution as well.
Good luck!

By Nana [3]09/19/2010

This is my photo of my tiny buggers, looks like I have my answer now!

This bug question has been asked over and over online. I hope other will see this now and then know just what this mystery bug is ! Besides annoying !!

I now remember bring home dog biscuits and after a while we noticed these bugs where in them. They were covering every biscuit and I threw them all in the trash. But it must have been to late. Because that was last year and I still have them.

It sounds like there is no easy way to get rid of them fast. Clean cupboards and drawers over and over again is the best answer and check all dry goods over and over. Good news is they are harmless, just annoying as heck.

I ordered Tupperware today for all of my dry good foods. These bugs can chew through cardboard and tin foil and they can move about the house into other rooms as well.

RE: Tiny Hard Shelled Bugs on Kitchen Countertops

By Nana [3]09/19/2010

Cigarette and drugstore beetles are two closely related species of small, reddish brown beetles that are moderately common pests in Iowa homes. The cigarette beetle was at one time a very important pest of the tobacco industry and got it's named from the damage it did to stored tobacco. The drugstore beetle gained its name because it was frequently found feeding on drugs in pharmacies many years ago.

Now, both insects are customarily found infesting all types of dry stored food products, spices, seeds, grains and dried plant material. We have recently received samples of cigarette beetles found in rice, dried potatoes, paprika, raisins, grain-based mouse bait, dried straw flowers and a table center piece made of varnished bread. Drugstore beetles are known to feed on leather, wool, hair, books and drugs.

For both insects an infested item will contain the 1/8th inch long, reddish brown, oval beetles and small, white larvae. Adult beetles often wander away from infested materials and may be found throughout the kitchen or house.

Control of cigarette and drugstore beetles requires locating and eliminating the infested item(s). All potentially infested materials should be carefully examined, including unopened boxes and packages. Cupboard shelves holding infested items and shelves in the vicinity of where the beetles have been noticed should be emptied and thoroughly vacuum cleaned. Household cleaners containing bleach or ammonia will have no effect on the insects.

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RE: Tiny Hard Shelled Bugs on Kitchen Countertops

By Dorina [2]09/18/2010

I never saw these before, sorry you have them but glad I know what they are now. Anyway, I buy plastic containers at the store (Dollar Tree, Walmart, Restaurant Supply). I have them filled immediately after going to the supermarket. I put my flour, rice, sugar, etc in them. I do it for organization and easy stacking in my cabinets but you might find it helpful too.

By Lilac [18]09/18/2010

First comes the weevil then this bug. Check your flour and meal for weevils. The best way to avoid this is to place your flour and meal in the freezer when you first come in the house with it. Leave it there 24 hours and you will not get these bugs, but first you need to clean house of them. Then get fresh flour and meal. They were in your products when you bought them.

By Lizzyanny [9]09/18/2010

They look like flour beetles. They get into flour and cereal. Check you flour and cereals for an old package. They come in all flour products, so the best way of getting rid of them is to rotate all products on a regular basis.

By Nana [3]09/16/2010

I laid a toothpick by this tiny bug to show size. It has a hard shell

RE: Tiny Hard Shelled Bugs on Kitchen Countertops

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