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By 11/30/2000

I swear by hot shot carpet cleaner! It's a can of spray on liquid, comes in a bright orange, blue & silver can. It costs $3-4 a can & worth every penny! I bought the carpet cleaning kit that came with my new carpeting & it doesn't do a thing! HOT shot gets EVERYTHING out! I also clean my white walls with it! are recommending the same product or two different ones.

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By 07/07/2004

I use the film canisters to keep quarters in, usually one in my purse and another in my car. This way, whenever I want to purchase a newspaper or a soft drink out of a machine, I have the correct change with me.

By Nancy

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By Cynthia Mullen 04/28/2011

Bless his little heart, he's adorable! You are truly blessed!

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By Debby [21] 04/29/2011

I love your dog! How cute. The collar and cross are to die for!

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By Sara Dupre 04/30/2011

Hi Greg! I suggest you check your ice machine to see if it has developed cold-water algae. It may be the cause of the clogging. We call it "water snot" (gross name, but accurate : ). It doesn't require sunlight, so it stays clear and can build up in your water distribution tubes, drains, drip lines and in the water sump. This article offers simple instructions for do-it-yourself ice machine cleaning.
Link: http://www.jesrestaurantequipment.c ... /commercial-ice-machines-water-snot/

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By Sara Dupre 04/30/2011

Hi Greg! I suggest you check your ice machine to see if it has developed cold-water algae. It may be the cause of the clogging. We call it "water snot" (gross name, but accurate : ). It doesn't require sunlight, so it stays clear and can build up in your water distribution tubes, drains, drip lines and in the water sump. This article offers simple instructions for do-it-yourself ice machine cleaning.
Link: http://www.jesrestaurantequipment.c ... /commercial-ice-machines-water-snot/

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By Melissa 05/01/2011

I have the same laptop and had the same problem a while back. You need to go to the Dell website and update the driver for your touchpad. Should fix the problem.

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By Lore 05/01/2011

Free stores are a great place to get rid of stuff you no longer need.

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By Heather 05/02/2011

Fresh eggs will be harder to peel. As long as they are at least a day or two old they should be fine...the older the better. Here's what I do. Place room temperature eggs in a pot of tap cold water, covering about 1" and place on Med-Hi heat. You want to slowly bring the eggs to a gentle rapid boil. Then remove from heat, cove
r, and let them sit for 15-18 mins. They will continue to cook during this time. Most people leave them to simmer and end up overcooking them. Stoves now cook at higher temps and even Low setting can keep the water boiling, thus producing green yolks and rubber whites! now that they have sat they are ready to be shocked. Place the eggs in an ice water bath, then place back in the hot water, and repeat. Finally let them sit in cool water at room temp for about an hour or so, then place in fridge, or prepare. What this does is causes the whites to recede from the shell thus making it easier to peel. To peel, roll on flat surface, and tap the top and bottom. There should be an air pocket on one end. Begin peeling from there and slide your finger under and around. The bottom should slide off easily.

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By Chris Hudson [2] 05/03/2011

I have the same problem and would like to find a solution as well...

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By michele [7] 05/03/2011

Buy some exlax and break it up in its squares and strategically place it around your home. I put mine between the screen door and entry door on the sill thing in the corner where you can't see it. I put it in drawers, under cabinets, under my deck, all places I have seen them in the past, and for two winters now I haven't had a mouse in my house.

I first heard this tip on here, from a lady who runs a cabin campground in MN, she heard it from an old timer and I guess he knew what he was talking about. You can also place them around the house outside too according to what he said.
here is the post I saved

We owned and operated a seasonal fishing camp/resort out in the bush. Our cabins, lodge and washroom facilities were basic & simple. It was a summer business. In the fall we closed down, and in came the mice, although we lived year round on site with 5 cats!

I tried everything to protect the cabins, house, etc. from the mice! Now you cannot mouse proof over 11 acres of resort out in the bush, can you? Thanks to a old timer bush man we did.

You may laugh out loud at his wisdom on getting rid of mice or other rodents, when you think about how his bush man solution works out in the boonies, with seasonal cabins, a lodge, workshop, garage and our house.

Here it is, and it worked like a charm for us. It is to feed them EXLAX... super strength if you can. Rodents love Exlax! We placed it outside & inside. If we thought a cat or dog could get at it, we covered it so that only a rodent could get in and eat it. Even if a bigger animal did get it, it wasn't deadly.

The old bush man told us. Rodents are smaller, their digestive systems are smaller. A little EXLAX goes a long way! Rodents live in communities or families. If one gets sick in "home space". They learn fast and leave for a safer environment.

A mouse/ any rodent loves the chocolate wax like bar of Exlax! Add peanut butter to the bars if you like. It is "Dairy Queen Deluxe" for rodents. Once the word is out among fellow rodents about the "after effects" of the food supplied, they leave the area for healthier food, as well as, communicate and smell the
"Gastric Distress and Results" of the afflicted Exlax filled rodent to the community!

We thought it was crazy until it worked. The mice were gone and we were trouble free for over 5 years! Easy and Inexpensive! Yes, some rodents had diarrhea as they packed up and left, but we never smelled it. Anyway this worked for us up until we sold the resort and moved!

PS - As it looks and tastes like chocolate, DO NOT PUT where kids, adults or pets may eat it! You know what will happen with Exlax! Good luck and happy rodent free spaces!

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By Heather Priems [1] 05/04/2011

What a great idea. I make my own soap, so this is another gift idea for it. Thanks for sharing.

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By kathleen blakley [6] 05/05/2011

You hit the nail on the head, I didn't do that with my sons when they were little, but now that I had to raise grandchildren (got them when they were 3,3,2 and 6mos. It was great, and they learn while having fun, my dear grandkids still remember homemade playdough, and homemade poster paint. I did a much better job the second time around, so for all you young parents please follow her suggestions you will be so glad you did.

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By mags 05/05/2011

Expert say you should not do this - not good for the bulbs

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By Phyllis Smith [2] 05/06/2011

I have collected and used yogurt cups for favors by covering them with batting and fabric. The hot glue gun is your best friend in this project.

I describe it on my blog here:

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By mags 05/09/2011

I had a non-blooming lilac tree for 7 years so I threatened it with destruction and it has bloomed beautifully every year since. Seriously - I believe they can take several years before they bloom.

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By barbara 05/10/2011

Using tweezers to remove a tick is very bad advice, more often than not this will only lead to tearing the tick apart and leaving some of it imbedded in your dog. Use only tools that are specifically meant for this task.

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By Debby [21] 05/11/2011

It seems as if your dog is being calmed by the clothes. They recommend t-shirt "wraps" for some dogs who suffer from stress. It's basically a tight fitted t-shirt that the dog wears. I've heard it works wonderfully. It makes the dog feel secure.

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By Angie W. 06/26/2011

Our Parvo tragedy started on Fathers day unfortunately. We buried our 7 month old puppy Sugar who died of Parvo we didn't know it was that at the time considering we had 8 dogs 4 of them were 5 wk old puppies 1 was another 7 month old , 1 was 5 years old and the other was 1 1/2 years old she was the only one sick. Within 1 week we buried both 7 month olds and 1.5 week old. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

We were able to save 3 of the puppies (5 week olds). The 7 month old ones was our life our babies. We helped hand deliver them and when they died I've never felt such pain. It was horrible. The vomiting and diarrhea. it affected me mentally and physically. I could not eat or sleep and was literally exhausted. The sisters are together in heaven now but it still hurts to know they are not with us. We were able to save Sweetie (5week old) that had it the worst. We had prepared for the worse and knew she would be dead the next day. To hear her wining at 3 am in the morning I went to check on her and she had drunk her water and ate her food. She just wanted to play :). She's now our miracle baby. She suffered for 4 days and is now just as feisty as before.

Please do not let this virus take your babies. Get vaccines! We never thought we needed them due to all being inside pups however it was still brought into the house somehow and we are suffering loss because of it. We now have all but Sweetie.

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By Pat B. [1] 06/27/2011

Home made "instant" oats

Steel Cut oats or Groats are the only type of oats that actually reduce cholesterol and lower triglycerides according to a study published last year.
That is due to the fact that the bran is still intact. On rolled oats the process of partially cooking and pressing the oat removes much or all of the bran. The nutty flavour of the whole oat adds much flavour and texture to your morning breakfast

Here is my favourite recipe to make the process "instant"

In a bowl
1/2 C steel cut oats (Bob's Red Mill can be ordered online)
Some dried fruit - I like dried cranberries, chopped dried apricots but used any type you like
a sprinkle of sliced almonds and walnuts
1/4 tsp cinnamon
Boil 3/4 C water and pour over mixture
cover and leave on counter overnight
In the morning microwave on high until hot
Sweeten with honey or your favourit sweetener
Add milk if you want, but I find I don't need it

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By Janice C. [18] 07/06/2011

There was a recent medical study on eczema in children that showed that adding a teaspoon of household bleach to their bath water reduced their eczema. They think some eczema is caused by staph bacteria.

Just a little would seem best. You can always add a little more to the pool.

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By Krista Shackleford [3] 07/28/2011

It depends on to whom you plan on selling them. Someone into early 20th century educational materials may have a different interest in it than someone who just collects old encyclopedias, or someone who is into history.

I would go to a local museum in the nearest big city, or maybe a university or antique book dealer. I think each one would give you a very different price. It would be neat to see them in a history classroom.

Anyhow, decide the type of person you want to sell to, if it makes a difference. If you sell for a local only pick up, I'd make it in a public space, though. I would get the creeps if someone I did not know just came up to my door to collect such a large amount of items. Just safety speaking, there.

Good luck and I'd be interested in what you decide. Such historical things that just happened, such as the telephone, automobile, and aviation would have JUST happened. The Civil War was just barely a generation or two before... Things yet to happen, sinking of the Titanic, WWI, and the depression... wow. I'd love to just sift through the books, to see the interpretation of history from that era as compared to now. You truly have a treasure and they deserve to be in a place where they will treated as such.

Can you tell I am not only the daughter but the granddaughter of educators?

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By underarm 08/21/2011

I use deodorant powder (UARMSOL), there's no chemicals oil or fragrances to cause any odor stain in clothers, even after I sweat, no odours.

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By Suntydt [75] 08/21/2011

Look at the information below. It was acquired from this site: ... ng-will-my-pennsylvania-divorce-take
If you need more information go there and read.

Lack of consent.
The first of Pennsylvania's no-fault grounds, Mutual Consent, absolutely requires that both you and your spouse sign forms consenting to the award of a divorce decree at some time after the mandatory ninety-day waiting period has expired. Just as the name "mutual consent" implies, either one of you can bring the divorce process (under that ground) to a screeching halt simply by refusing to sign the consent forms.

What happens next?
If you want to proceed under the other no-fault ground of Irretrievable Breakdown, two things must be true: first, the marriage must be irretrievably broken and second, you and your spouse must have been separated for two or more years. Many people in Pennsylvania think that divorce is automatic after a two-year separation, but this is mistaken. It is important for you to understand that where family law in Pennsylvania is concerned, very little happens by itself.

Once you have reached the two-year mark after your final separation, you can sign a form that states the date on which you separated, and that the marriage is irretrievably broken. This document is filed with the court and served on your spouse, who then has a total of at least forty days either to deny that you have been separated for two years, to deny that your marriage is irretrievably broken, or to file a claim for economic relief (such as property division or alimony). If your spouse has been properly served with all the necessary documents at the proper times and then chooses to do nothing at all about them, the court will grant your divorce decree shortly after you file the final documents requesting it.

Even after two years of separation, can my spouse still fight a divorce?
Yes, unfortunately. If your spouse claims that you have not yet been separated for two years, or that the marriage is not irretrievably broken, the court cannot award a divorce decree under Irretrievable Breakdown without first giving both of you an opportunity to be heard. This is true even when the circumstances are extreme. Also, if your spouse raises economic issues such as alimony and distribution of property, in most cases those issues will have to be heard and addressed by the court before a divorce will be granted.

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By CaroleeRose [58] 11/16/2011

I have three large dogs and allow them to bark if someone is actually on my front porch. A herd of elephants could march right past our house and I wouldn't even know. I'm disabled and am home alone with my dogs all the time. Once I started training them not to bark, I did not give them any learning curve, they got corrected on a per bark basis and knowing each dog's individual bark made it easier.

I tried using a water gun but that only stopped the insanity for a second or two. I bought a plastic yellow lemon in the produce area of my local grocery store and who ever barks gets a small shot of lemon in their mouths. It did not take long for them to start looking over their shoulders to see if I was heading towards them with the lemon.

In fact, if Emma barks, Rosie gets out of the Living Room as fast as possible almost as if she's trying to tell me that she had nothing to do with it. If they see someone walking a dog down the street, they will bark once to let me know that something is going on and then they'll sit there and growl.

It took a while to get everyone on the same game plan but that's how I solved my barking problem. Also if they barked they got corrected each and every time, there was no grace period or warning, if they barked, they got corrected. It didn't take very long and I did not cut them any slack at all. There were times I also corrected them for just thinking about barking.

I wasn't mean or harsh, it's just the way things were and I haven't had a true barking problem in years. I recently read an article about some sort of collar that sprays citrus in their nose if they bark but I don't know if it truly works.

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By Cassie Van Z. 11/18/2011

Hi. I'm from South Africa.I didn't know this breed is so common over the world.This is my boy Tiesto. He is 8 Months old going on 9. He is very playful and got lots of energy.

Love this breed. Cassie

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By bama03 [1] 01/08/2012

It can be softened by reintroducing moisture in several ways:

Solutions 1 and 2 I have listed below are the fast solutions.

1-Heat brown sugar in a 250 degree oven in an oven safe pan. Watch carefully and as soon as it is soft measure the amount you need. It will harden as it cools.

2-Place brown sugar in a microwave-safe container and cover with a damp paper towel. Microwave for 30 seconds. Repeat process until it is soft. It will harden as it cools.

3-Place brown sugar in a plastic container with a small piece of plastic wrap or foil over the sugar. Put a damp paper towel or napkin on top of the plastic/foil. Cover tightly. Remove damp paper towel in a couple of days. Keep container tightly sealed.

4-Place a few apple slices or a slice of bread in an air-tight container with the brown sugar. Remove after the sugar has softened in a day or two.

5-Grind hardened chunks in a food processor. Be careful not to ruin your food processor.

6-Soak a piece of clay in water for 30 minutes. Dry the piece so it isn't dripping wet. Place the clay in the container with the sugar and seal. In a few days you should have softened sugar again. Leave the clay in as long as you like. You can actually purchase cute clay bears created for just this purpose.

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By Grandma J [54] 03/07/2012

I am an avid post Christmas and other holiday shopper. My paper is less than a buck per roll. I decide on design of the next year, colors, whatever, and so may buy 4-5 rolls of the same. I go for the most square footage on a roll, never foils. Over all, I usually pick up 20 rolls for $5. And my family knows where it is stored and stop in before gift wrapping. Same with finding plain wrap or generic colors to use for graduation, etc. I also do bulletin boards at church, so seasonal helps there.

At my d-i-l's baby showers for her babies, I took all the gift bags home, stored them carefully, so when she or anyone else in the family needs, you stop by. My neighbor had a garage sale where she put all hers on it for $.10 each. And I stocked up there too.

For package ribbon, I buy on sale the 1/4 inch crafting/sewing ribbon. Usually 30 yards $.25. And pickup at garage sales after wedding in the family households. All sorts of neat things for packages.

For weddings, showers, etc I pick up 50 yard bridal tulle at $1 per roll--lots of colors - and tie up the gift bag handle with that. Pretty bow, just a few cents in expense.

Growing up very poor, we gifted in comics and also kitchen foil. I know that is a good alternative, but I can't do it. I recycle and reuse and collect and sort best I can, when done with something, I tell my friends/neighbors what I have good, first one gets pickings. Same with them - they pass on to recycle. One person's weeds is another one's compost!

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By Yolanda G. 05/17/2012

Homemade veggy wash spray
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 tablespoon baking soda
1 cup water

veggy soak
1/4 cup vinegar
2 tablespoons salt

For the spray; put all ingredients into a spray bottle (be careful as it will foam up) shake gently to mix, then spray on veggies or fruit allow to sit for about 2-5 minutes then rinse under cold water.

For soak; fill a clean sink or a large basin with cold water; add in vinegar and salt, then swish around with%2.

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By Linda Funk 05/30/2012

We have three minpins and he is definitely minpin. The only thing is his ears are a little bit bigger which is perhaps where the chi comes in? He looks like a sweetheart :)

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By Sherie King 09/21/2012

Dachshunds are sometimes difficult to house train and I sometime think that they feel if they pee on it is theirs. Mine is a constant struggle with my wiener dog peeing in the house.

Now I use a Velcro closed belly band that I sewed myself. I change it when he makes a marking mistake. Maybe something like that with regular scheduled walks would help you.


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