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Fall Flowers in North Texas

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Q: I live in North Texas and want to plant some flowers in some pots, but I have no idea what to plant or where to look for ideas. I want some flowers that will last through the winter and still be blooming in the spring. Is that even a possibility here?


A: Sandra,

There are plenty of "winter" bloom options for you in North Texas. Chrysanthemums, marigolds, mums and pansies are a few that immediately to mind. You might also consider flowering houseplants. With these, often times you can take your choice of flowering seasons. Keep some that bloom in the fall (Aphelandra or Oleander) some in the winter (Kalanchoe or Pink Jasmine) some in the spring (Spathiphyllum or Anthurium) some in the summer (Hibiscus or Campanula) and have bright color all year long. To look for ideas on which flowers bloom over winter in north Texas, I would suggest starting by talking with you local nursery or garden center and exploring the Texas A&M horticulture web pages:

This is an excellent web resource for all types of gardening information specific to north Texas.


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By (Guest Post)08/15/2005

Ask at your local nursery-they'll be glad to give you advice!

By jan08/15/2005

I lived in Wichita Falls and pansies and kale were planted in the fall. They were planted everywhere and seemed to survive quite well. They wilted a little in very cold weather but revived when it warmedup a little. They were available in all the stores.

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