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Homemade Root Killer

A home with lots of trees and bushes.

Tree roots can invade your sewer system and cause problems and damage. This is a guide about homemade root killer.



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Question: Homemade Root Killer

I am looking for a Homemade Root Killer for sewer system. I am not connected to a septic tank but a city sewer system.

Steve from Everett, WA


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By Jacky1eye01/11/2013

When you say homemade I'm assuming you mean safe for the environment as well as yourself. Copper sulfate eventually ends up in our oceans as well as seeping out of our broken, separated or shifted sewer lines that are partially stopped up or otherwise. If your looking for a greener solution to your root problems, Root X is a company that keeps that in mind. If you have an older house (40 years plus), you should consider replacement since you have a root problem.

What you are probably trying to address is an ongoing problem that is beyond trying or wasting money on root treatments. I have been in the sewer business for 44 years and can tell you that much money has been thrown to the curb trying to save sewers that have been damaged by root intrusion. This is not something that happens suddenly, but a process that develops over years of ex filtration of sewage from separations or improper installations, installation of lower laterals where curb trees are to be planted, trees that are planted on the property side over or near your sewer system, a combination of all mentioned, etc.

You will probably experience more sewer problems during the rainy season because of infiltration of rain water through your separations because of partial stoppages.

Remember this, when your sewer line is actually stopped up enough to flood your toilet, tub and house or basement, it has been at least partially stopped up for several months. If you can't find a reputable plumber that has the experience and equipment to permanently resolve your sewer problems at an affordable price, at least try to maintain the problem with preventive sewer cleanings and Root X treatments.

Sometimes the root treatments are like pouring oil into your car after you froze up the engine. Another thing I might add. If you decide to replace your sewer, stay as far away from the "temporary fix" of lining your sewer. Lining is expensive and is not permanent! Find a company that does pipe bursting with an approved High Density Polyethylene Sewer pipe that will outlive us all.

Make sure the transition couplings are not Fernco, Mission or some other "acceptable" but inferior transition to an ARC coupling which costs 10 times more! Pipe bursting and the materials used are forever and you will spend your money wisely if you choose that method. If your in it for the short term and intend to lay it off on someone else in the future, go with the patch jobs, liners etc.

I don't have my adapter to upload pictures I have of failed liners, seems I've pulled out of sewers because liners can only go to to the connection before the city sewer connection, causing roots to become aggressive on the city connection for lack of entry. When that connection becomes impacted, a sewer cleaner runs his equipment and entangles in a perma liner seem and it wraps around the cable and pulls apart from the liner. Now you have a liner that is opened up to root intrusion yet again.

I also have pictures of roots growing between the interior pipe and liner. You also will need to trust the person doing the liner to mix appropriately and cure. I have seen liners folded and collapse at the end point! Some cities don't permit liners, and I can tell you from 14 years of Trench-less experience, it's for good reason.

There are so many inexperienced people working for companies in this industry that not only lack experience but have no pride in what their doing, cut corners when they can, save money to become more competitive and use inferior products, are on commission and could care less. Always do your research when spending thousands of dollars. Look for reputable long term companies, true family business' and gather your information and opinions. Go with what you feel more comfortable with and don't let the money be your guide.

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