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Dining Room Table With Scratches

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My new cherry finish table has loads of scratches on the shiny finish. The wood itself is fine but the shiny finish looks like someone took sandpaper and swirled it all over. This table is brand new and it's not something I want to strip. Is there some type of polish that buffs out those surface scratches?

Thank you!
mbl687 from Boston, MA



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By Claudia-MD (Guest Post)01/17/2007

Old English makes a scratch cover in dark and light. You can get it in groceries, Walmart, KMart, Target, etc. It's like a polish and stain combined. I use it on my cherry dining table, and other antiques to cover/minimize the look of scratches and nicks.

By Laura Justice [2]01/14/2007

I would return the new table to the store-- it should not have that problem. When the new table arrives,if you have to assemble it-- make sure the table top is placed on a sheet at the least.
If you cannot return the table- you can talk to a wood worker-- for the best thing to do.


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Archive: Scratches on a Rattan Dining Room Set

Someone just gave me a really nice Rattan Dining Room Set, but it has a lot of scratches, some very deep. Is there anything I can fill them in with? Someone suggested shoe polish but it seems to me like that might smear around when I use furniture polish on it. I am thinking of getting oen of those paint pens, but the deep scratches will still be there although not as visable. Any ideas?

Thanks :)
Kim from NJ

RE: Scratches on a Rattan Dining Room Set

Try sanding down the whole table filling the scratches with wood filler, staining, then waxing. (03/30/2006)

RE: Scratches on a Rattan Dining Room Set

Just to make the scratches less noticeable - you can stain the scratch - using pens/shoe polish etc. Make sure you blend in the color, tho - Is it dark or light rattan? The dark stuff would be easier to cover scratches in. And then you could wax the rattan - although I think you have to get some water on it to keep it from cracking.... (03/31/2006)

By pamphyila

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