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Roxy (Dachshund/Min Pin)

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Roxy (Dachshund/Min Pin)

Roxy (Dachshund/Min Pin)

Roxy is about 10 months old and is Dachshund and Miniature Pinscher mixed. We got her from a friend who was moving around the beginning of August 2007.

She likes to be chased around. She enjoys running and playing with her cheap little toys. She is the cutest thing you've ever seen. She looks really sweet and was when we first got her, but sometimes she can be a little fiesty, especially when you're playing with her toys. She likes to snuggle and lay next to you when you sleep. And, for some odd reason, her ears are always cold.

By Taylor from Kissimmee, FL



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By TrinaLynnConner08/11/2011

My daughter-in-law just sent me a link to this site. naepae I love your Scooby! My Rok looks a lot like him! We aren't for sure what mix he is but we do know he is part Corgi for sure. We have speculated that he may have some min pin and now I am convinced! Wasn't sure about the Dachshund but it may be so also. Rok is a cuddler too and loves to sleep under the covers up next to my leg. And he is very feisty! Thanks for sharing about your dogs!

RE: Roxy (Dachshund/Min Pin)

By janae09/29/2009

Love your Roxy! So cute! Here is Scooby a min pin/Dachshund mix. I think these dogs are the cutest mix ever.

RE: Roxy (Dachshund/Min Pin)

By Mikey (Guest Post)01/11/2009

I love my Daschund/ Min pin. His name is Merlot. He is the sweetest dog I've ever known. He's a cuddler and loves to give kisses. This picture is when he was only about 14 weeks old it's my favorite pic of him. He is now 10 months now.

RE: Roxy (Dachshund/Min Pin)

By bonnie (Guest Post)11/05/2008

Dear Roxy,
Hi, my name is Rascal. I am a 8 month old min/pin/dashund mix and everyone tells me I am adorable too. I entertain everyone for hours with my great personality and sense of humor. I love my new family and I especially love my new master. she is so good to me. My masters daughter said you and I should have puppies, they would be absolutely adorable. Well, have a nice day and I look just like you. bye, love, Rascal

By (Guest Post)09/04/2008

My wife and I have tried to figure out what mix our new adopted puppy is and had decided on the D/Mini Pin. Seeing the picture of your baby proves it out. Our Dogs name is Drei because she only has three legs. Got chewed up when she was a pup and sent to the Humane Society where the vet amputated her right rear leg. The description of your dog fits Drei to at T. Glad we found her. She is 7 months. Will try to send an image.

RE: Roxy (Dachshund/Min Pin)

By Ima (Guest Post)01/17/2008

As the mother of a Min Pin, I know a good looking dog when I see one, and Roxy is a doll. Min Pin's are my favorite dogs in the world, Rowdy is our 2nd one.

By Daphne (Guest Post)01/12/2008

That Roxy is one cute dog. I too think he was posing for you.

By jane (Guest Post)01/11/2008

My vet once told me that cool/cold ears was a sign of wellness. If they are warm, then they might be sick.

By Nance (Guest Post)01/10/2008

What a lovely dog! It looks as if she's posing for the pix.

By Pat Giles01/10/2008

I think the cold ears can be blamed on the dachshund in her. I have a female beagle/dachshund and her ears stay cold, also! They do make good snuggling bed partners, tho, don't they? She's really cute and loveable. Thanks for sharing and God bless you!

By Little Suzy [93]01/10/2008

She is adorable. Does she sleep under the covers??

By mcw [80]01/10/2008

What a cute looking dog you have, I bet you get a lot of compliments.

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