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Keeping Animals from Eating Pumpkin Decorations


How do I keep squirrels from eating my pumpkins? They are eating my decorative pumpkins.

By Lisa from Philadelphia, PA


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By xintexas 28 395 10/31/2010 Flag

Might try spraying them with what I used to use on things I didn't want my dog or cat to chew on. I think it is called BItter Apple and they make other products similar with different names. They sell at pet stores or Walmart. It is made to make the object taste bad. Doesn't hurt the animals. You can reapply it every night to make sure it tastes very bad. You should be able to reuse the pumpkins it does wash off with water. Good luck with your squirrely endeavors. lol

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By Harlean 141 424 11/01/2010 Flag

I have read a tip on mixing red hot pepper in the bird feed to discourage the squirrels. Perhaps if you mixed red pepper in water and sprayed your pumpkins with it, that might work. Worth a try.
Harlean from Arkansas

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Archive: Keeping Animals from Eating Pumpkin Decorations

I have this problem every year and wondered if anyone else did too. I love to put 1 or 2 pumpkins on my front step for decorating at Fall season, but within days, the squirrels have chewed large holes in them and seeds are everywhere.

Is there a way to keep animals from eating them? I would love to be able to keep them on the step longer than 2 days. I don't know what to do to keep the squirrels out of them. It happens every year and no matter where I've lived, it happens. Thanks very much!

Mia from Philadelphia


RE: Keeping Animals from Eating Pumpkin Decorations

The only thing I can think of that is equitable to you and to the squirrels is to simply cut the top off the pumpkin, scoop out the inside, spray the inside with a tiny bit of disinfectant to repel the squirrels, put the top back on and place it outside on your stairs. Then put the yummy pumpkin insides in a small bucket turned on it's side in a different location so the squirrels can still have a Fall Feast without such a mess for you and more enjoyment for you both :-) (10/30/2008)

By Deeli

RE: Keeping Animals from Eating Pumpkin Decorations

My husband and I have a really nice Halloween scene; we spray paint our pumpkins with gold and red and we make a turkey with one and a black cat with one and we have never had problems with squirrels. Our scene is on our front porch. (10/30/2008)

By Anita S. from Olean, NY

RE: Keeping Animals from Eating Pumpkin Decorations

That is a great idea. Here's another.

Make your festive faces in felt marker, let dry, spray with shellac and that should deter them. Your pumpkin will last longer and look more interesting.

If nothing works, then find some at the Dollar Tree and put them up hanging on your porch or on the steps and hot glue or E6000 to some cheap wooden bases that are heavy. You can then enjoy the caricature of your home and the squirrels can go somewhere else.

Good luck! (10/30/2008)

By Poor But Proud

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