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Making Purses Out of Candy Wrappers


Does anyone have any directions or info on how to make those candy wrapper purses/coin purses?

By SandraA from San Jose, CA


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Archive: Candy Wrapper Purse

I am looking for a pattern to make purses out of candy wrappers, etc. I know they use a gum wrapper chain but then how?

Karyn from Indepedence, MO

RE: Candy Wrapper Purse 08/12/2005
I saw something along these lines on the Martha Stewart website just yesterday. Look in "Good Things".
By Peggy
RE: Candy Wrapper Purse 08/13/2005


RE: Candy Wrapper Purse 08/13/2005 has a section for purses and handbags and a special section for reconstructed purses made out of wrappers and other recyclable items.
By Linda
RE: Candy Wrapper Purse 01/12/2006
I made a purse out of all the different kinds of skittles bags. All i did was put 4 different kinds of skittles wrappers on each side then for the the sides and the bottom i used the sour skittles wrappers because they are made of stronger plastic in comparison the the origial bags. i put the bags side by side and seperate the sides from the bottom. i then glue them to hardstock paper and them laminate them. You buy some clear plastic at any craft store in the fabric area and you sew the pieces together. I then lined the edges with ribbon and sewed 2 peices of ribbon together for the handel to make it more sturdy. Its kind of hard to explain, but its quite easy and pretty effortless. And it makes for a cute unique purse that everyone will love!
By hEaThEr-LyNNe at
RE: Candy Wrapper Purse 05/25/2006
By Diana

Archive: Making Purses Out of Candy Wrappers

Making Purses Out of Candy Wrappers. I am looking for instructions on how to make purses, belts etc. from recycled candy wrappers.

Thanks for any help.




I believe that I figured it out and i'll do my best to explain. you just make all of the strips slanted to the right (or left) three squares long and all of the strips slanted in the other direction two squares long. If you don't understand, maybe these pictures I made will help.

<img src="" width="400" height="300">

<img src="" width="290" height="205">

Good luck! (07/16/2006)

By Flim

RE: Making Purses Out of Candy Wrappers

Have you created the purse yet? I have been looking for hours on the web. I have come close but not a full description of how to make it. I bought one in Honduras just last month. It's a small clutch. It was only 7 dollars american. I have several pictures of the complete display (including a used Doritos bag!) I was really short on cash, otherwise I would have purchased many many many. Next time I go, I am buying them and will take one apart. I just don't want to ruin my only purse. (07/27/2006)

By Cherry tArt

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RE: Making Purses Out of Candy Wrappers

Here's the deal. You don't want to know how to make these purses and here's why.
While in Honduras, I purchased a small pencil-case sized purse made from recycled snack bags (like Doritos).

When I returned to Cleveland I used Google on the internet and found
This is the site for a micro-business created by a woman named Analea Bruaburger who spent 23 months in Honduras via the Peace Corps.

Originally, I was hoping to learn how to make the purse, but, I changed my tune within minutes of speaking to Analea.

Here's the really neat thing:

ALL the proceeds are returned to the people who make the bags. Every last cent and they are made from trash! (Honduras has a huge trash problem) so she found a way to help educate people about recycling and found a way to help them make a living!

I encourage you to check out her site and then buy a purse. If you saw the kind of heartbreaking poverty most Hondurans live with, you'd feel like I do. As soon as I heard her story (since I did call her) You would realize how unethical it would be to copy this idea and make them yourself.

You can make a REAL difference in the world and in the lives of these people. Buy purchasing a bag, you a paying for a lifestyle.
So... stop the angst over trying to make these, and instead, make a difference in the lives of some very poor and very beautiful people.

Her story is wonderful about the handbags, how they are made, how she is in the process of upgrading the website for more visibility-particularly because people have ripped-off the idea and are selling bags that are...

A. not made from trash.

B. don't support the poor in Honduras.

I hope you'll check it out and spread the word, and do something good for others,.

End of sermon.

Cherry tArt in Cleveland Ohio, Humanitarian and cheerleader for the under-served (08/19/2006)

By Cherry tArt

Archive: Making Purses Out of Candy Wrappers

I am trying to find a pattern and directions on making a purse out of candy or gum wrappers.

Archive: Making Purses Out of Candy Wrappers

I've been searching to find a way to make a candy wrapper purse, but they all involve weaving the wrappers.

Archive: Making Purses Out of Candy Wrappers

I have seen some origami "fabric" made out of sweet papers (candy papers), but cannot find out how to make them.

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