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Fleas in Carpet


Will baking soda kill fleas in my carpet?

By Mandy from VA


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By Wendy 15 08/13/2010 Flag

No but I hear that borax powder will do the job. Just sprinkle it on and leave it for an hour, then vacuum.

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By Mrs Plessner 1 5 08/16/2010 Flag

Borax works well as does diatomaceous earth which you can usually find at your local hardware/greenhouse.

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Archive: Fleas in Carpet

To get rid of fleas in your carpet, sprinkle salt on it and let it sit over night. Vacuum it up in the morning and the salt kills any fleas in your carpet.

By Elizabeth


RE: Fleas in Carpet

We used a mixture of salt and borax powder. (08/20/2005)

By kimmcg

RE: Fleas in Carpet- important note on diatomaceous earth

I have just done some research on diatomaceous earth, recommended by someone on your site, and need to add a very important note to their suggestion, that it can be purchased at pool product suppliers.

The natural product is apparently very good and safe, HOWEVER, the stuff sold for pools is treated in some way that makes it toxic to humans. I quote:
"FYI": Diatomaceous Earth sold for swimming pool filters is dangerous to human health, your pets, and livestock. It has been chemically treated and heated to change it's composition."

So please don't buy it from a pool place. There are a number of diatomaceous earth products. One which also has pyrethrin is called "Perma Guard" or "D20 Pet and Animal". There is also "fossil shell flour" which is the natural form and totally safe even if ingested (in fact it is included in animal foods to treat animals). Hope that helps. There are some good websites to view. (03/25/2008)

By Reni

RE: Fleas in Carpet

Yes, mothballs in your vacuum bag will work wonders and keep your house flea free with the use of a flea medication such as Revolution or Advantage. (07/31/2009)

By Lorraina

Archive: Fleas in Carpet

I need help with fleas. I just got new kitten. Have been bathing her with special, natural flea shampoo, however there are still fleas in the house. Does anyone know the life cycle of a flea? Do fleas die if they do not have anyone to feed on? I am away from my house 4 days a week, kitten is staying with family. How do I get rid of fleas in my carpet? Is bombing the only way to get rid of them in carpeting?

By RealtorRose from Malvern, PA


RE: Fleas in Carpet

I don't know if this works or not as I haven't had a need to use it, but I read somewhere that you want to put a pan of water on the floor underneath a plug in nightlight. The fleas will be attracted to the light and jump up to the light (or maybe it's the heat the light puts out), and then they will fall or bounce off the light into the pan of water and drown.
Also, this I do know that works, is vacuum often. (08/05/2009)

By scottish skinflint

RE: Fleas in Carpet

Hi. I think you can put baby talc powder on the carpet and vacuum. I believe the talc in the powder kills them, so they won't just crawl back out of the vacuum. Also, you can call your local community extension office. You'd be surprised at the wealth of information they have. They can give you natural ways to treat/get rid of things that won't harm animals and children. Good luck with getting rid of them! (08/05/2009)

By dellajo

RE: Fleas in Carpet - pets

Could you use the talc powder on the pets? (08/05/2009)

By kelli8850

RE: Fleas in Carpet

These suggestions came from my "bug man":

1. Put ONE mothball in your vacuum cleaner bag and vacuum your house thoroughly - especially carpet and upholstery. The mothball will kill the flea eggs as they hatch in the vacuum cleaner bag.

2. After vacuuming, sprinkle crumbled oregano on your carpet and leave it there. You can mix it with baking soda as a deodorizer and that also helps thin it to spread more easily.

3. Fleas do not like marigolds (relative or oregano) and planting them around the outside of your home will also help keep them at bay.

4. If they are living on your kitten you are going to have to treat her regularly with flea shampoo and a KITTEN flea collar for the time being.

Hope that helps. I wouldn't bomb my house unless absolutely necessary as you will have chemicals everywhere. I would recommend you have an exterminator come once if the above doesn't take care of your problem. A little more money than bombing, but way less clean up afterward. (08/05/2009)

By DownSouth

RE: Fleas in Carpet

There is a website that has excellent answers to these type of questions using natural products. It's called Also, I keep one of those flea collars (cut up) in my vacuum cleaner bag. They say if you vacuum them up they will continue to live in the bag if you don't kill them, and they'll go right back into the carpet. I live in West Texas and so far this summer my dog has not gotten any fleas. I use Intersepter pill that I get from the vet. May not have spelled that right. (08/05/2009)

By TXBetty

RE: Fleas in Carpet

Mix regular table salt and baking soda in equal amounts, then sprinkle this on your carpets and any fabric furniture. Let this set for 48 to 72 hours so you get any babies that hatch. Then vacuum up. This mixture actually causes the fleas to dehydrate and dry up. It won't hurt your pets or family. Just make sure the dogs or cats don't lick the carpet. Most animals won't lick it but I have known a few that really liked it so they had to be watched or kenneled during the process. (08/05/2009)

By palbertsen

RE: Fleas in Carpet

Keep Diatomaceous Earth sprinkled on your floors and carpets. It will kill the fleas and keep the new ones from being able to breed because they will die. It will take a few weeks. Also, you have to keep the animals from getting fleas or keep them from breeding. Make sure that you don't use the DE powder for pools. Get it from Worm's Way or a similar place. (08/08/2009)

By way2buzy

Archive: Fleas in Carpet

Will removing carpet get rid of fleas?

Archive: Fleas in Carpet

How do I get fleas out of my carpet?

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