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Peanut Butter For CD Scratches

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To remove scratches from CD's, smear peanut butter on the CD, and wipe clean with a soft cloth or coffee filter. Scratch is gone, and it plays like a charm!

By Momof1 from Wilkesboro, NC



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By Ben Borgman01/12/2012

This always did wonders for my disks especially the shoe polish

By anon-271666 (Guest Post)02/26/2009

It didnt work for me, I've tried 5 times now. What a waste of time.

By Chris R. (Guest Post)02/14/2009

I tried this as an experiment and I got amazing results. I even scratched it with a key and it worked!

By (Guest Post)12/07/2008

Worked for me, and I used crunchy because tha'ts all we had. I just used my finger to smear it on and paper towels to wipe from the inside out to wipe it off. It still looked like there were small scratches from wiping it off but it plays just fine now.

By rebecca (Guest Post)08/12/2008

I tried to do it, it didn't work but I think its because I rubbed in a circle so I'm going to try it again, hopefully it will work.

By sillygirl1717 (Guest Post)08/14/2007

I couldn't believe it but the peanut butter for scratches worked at least for the one I just tried it on. Always remember not to clean CD around in a circle, but wipe from inside to outside of CD.

By Kim McGrantham [16]08/14/2007

Its more worth it to just use a dab of peanut butter than it is to use the gas to get to the music store and back :)

By surfer1 (Guest Post)08/14/2007

What a great idea! Thanks!

By Jean (Guest Post)08/14/2007

I would use the peanut butter, because I live 11 miles from the nearest town, plus I would have to travel another 40 miles to find a place to remove the scratches.

By samaree [5]08/14/2007

Why would you waste food to buff a CD? In my town there is a used music store that will buff two CDs a day for free.

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