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Low Cost Insulin for Cats


I just found out that my cat who is so much one of the family has feline diabetes. I will now have to give him insulin injections twice a day. Are there any places to get the insulin for less or free. My income is beyond low. Joe is the cat on the right and is now half that size. Thank you.

By hairyjoe from port Clinton, OH


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By Frances Adams 11 554 05/22/2009 Flag

Have you checked with his vet to see if there is any assistance? You can also check at any local animal rescues, or shelters, to see if they have any assistance.

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05/28/2009 Flag

I wish I knew but fatboysslimsmom's suggestions are definitely good ways to start! Bless you and I pray you and Joe get the help you need! Please let us know!

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By Michele 18 64 05/28/2009 Flag

Does Joe need to take the same kind of insulin humans do? If you have no luck with the vet or shelter, why don't you call local endocrine doctors to see if they can give you a free sample. A bottle of insulin has 1,000 units and that should last a long time. You will probably have to show a letter from your vet but it's worth a shot.

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By susan winship 4 405 05/28/2009 Flag

I have had two cats that developed diabetes and found that the lowest price in this are is at Wal-Mart. Your vet can write you a prescription and you turn it in at the pharmacy counter just like for people. It needs to be refrigerated. I forget how much it was but way lower than if the vet got it for us. She's also the one that told me, so don't worry about asking your vet. Good luck.

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By Judi 18 938 05/28/2009 Flag

tgennesue is right. A veterinarian will write you a scrip and you can fill it at the drug store. The cost should be very low since you're dealing with such a small animal. Just ask him/her. It's not a problem.

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By Dena Roberts 35 491 05/29/2009 Flag

You can also get a prescription for the blood glucose test strips and the needles. Wal-mart is the cheapest place to fill your prescriptions. Watch your coupons for free test meters when you buy the strips...meters are about $50 - $60!

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By Sally 16 223 02/15/2013 Flag

(Submitted via email)

Just wanted to let you know that insulin needs to be replaced every 30 days. It looses its effectiveness very quickly after that point and you may think that your cat is becoming insulin resistant.


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By levimax 1 08/25/2013 Flag

Actually insulin can be used for up to six months if kept refrigerated from the day it was purchased. Only 28 days if. This is what an honest pharmacy will tell you if you ask un-refrigerated.

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