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Scuff Marks On Laminate Floors

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I have laminated floors, which have marks from furniture being moved. I've tried baking soda paste, vinegar and water, and Awesome. Does anyone know how to remove these? Please help.

By Diane from Al


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By tina andrede08/25/2015

Removed scuffs from laminate floors

By Jim10/21/2010

Diane -

Are they scuffs or scratches?

A "scuff" is when an object leaves behind part of it on the floor. For instance black shoes leave behind black marks. Scuffs can be removed by gentle rubbing with a cloth, tennis ball, magic eraser, etc. The key is to be gentle and to not "scratch" the surface.

A "scratch" is when an object removes part of the floor. Usually caused by heavy furniture sliding across it, metal cleats, etc. Scratches cannot be rubbed off. On a some floors (wood, some tile) it can be refinished. With linoleum it is not quite that easy because it is not the same surface generally throughout.

Be careful with experimenting on surfaces with all kinds of products, the end result could be worse.

Good luck! It is no fun when the floor gets scratched up!

Take care -


By Stacey [4]10/20/2010

Try putting a tennis ball on the end of a mop or broom stick, & use it like you would a mop. I have heard this works great on scuff marks, I have also seen the janitor doing this on the floors & my daughters school.

By katrina [5]10/19/2010

Usually magic erasers remove scuff marks easily!

By janiewillars10/19/2010

Try products that are grease releasers, I actually got one at the dollar store called Mr.Green! Wow, cleaned the sticky off of the back splash with no muscles! black sticky off of the floors, and the black scuff marks on white walls and didn't have to paint! Loved it, went to go get more bottles for just a $1.


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Archive: Scuff Marks On Laminate Floors

The protective covers came off the feet of my settee and left scuff marks on my laminate floor. How can I remove these scuff marks?

Diane from Blackpool Lancs

RE: Scuff Marks On Laminate Floors

Try a bit of toothpaste on a rag. You'll be surprised. (10/23/2008)

By vguy

RE: Scuff Marks On Laminate Floors

I had white laminate floors and the same problem. Try the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, they are wonderful all over the house. You could even get the store brand. They work just as good. (10/23/2008)

By Sarah

RE: Scuff Marks On Laminate Floors

I rub the marks with baby wipes. They work great! Good luck. (10/25/2008)

By clutterfree

Archive: Scuff Marks On Laminate Floors

How do I restore laminate flooring that has been scuffed with mineral spirits?

By Alicia

RE: Scuff Marks On Laminate Floors

Try Magic Eraser, it takes scuff marks off everything. It's seriously magic. (06/14/2010)

By mollyring

Archive: Scuff Marks On Laminate Floors

How do you clean foot marks on laminate flooring which were done by the person laying the flooring when he kicked the panel to join it together?

By Greta from Qld. Australia

RE: Scuff Marks On Laminate Floors

First off, I would call the store and let them know. They might offer to come back and clean it up. Secondly, the installer should be aware of what he is doing and be told to wear white soled shoes for installing. My parents had hardwood flooring. They always used Bruce Wax for removing black scuff marks. Good luck. (08/10/2010)

By yoder178

RE: Scuff Marks On Laminate Floors

I know it sounds crazy but it works (as well as for many types of marks on a wall), and that is a good old fashioned pencil eraser, the pink rectangular ones (pink pearl) you can find at just about any store. :-) And it will not harm laminate flooring like most chemical compounds, including floor wax, does! Laminate is different than wood floors or vinyl floors and needs different care. (08/10/2010)

By Deeli

RE: Scuff Marks On Laminate Floors Baking soda on a damp sponge should remove scuff marks easily. (08/10/2010)

By Stngray

RE: Scuff Marks On Laminate Floors

I have found that an art gum eraser works the best for this. (08/11/2010)

By castleberrycc

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