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Cleaning Dentures

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How do you get coffee and tea stains off of dentures? I use denture tablets every night and have also soaked them in Clorox for 7 minutes a day.

By Nancy from Mt. Airy, N.C.


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By Carol Franklin [4]04/16/2011

I soak mine in plain old hydrogen peroxide. Costs 50 cents a bottle at the dollar store. I smoke and drink a lot of coffee and this has worked wonders.

By LINDA EWALD04/15/2011

Use baking soda & vinegar. Start out with 1 TBL of baking soda & 1/4 cup vinegar & swish. This should remove the stains. It's also good to use the same recipe on your other coffee stained products.

By Mary [3]04/14/2011

Try "stain away", a powdered mix that I use regularly instead of the tablets. Works wonders!
Available at the usual drug stores.

By Elaine [173]04/14/2011

I only use baking soda.......mine look like new.

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