Repair a Crack on Plastic Shower Floor


I need to know how and what type of material/compound, etc. to use when repairing a plastic material type shower. The bottom needs repair and I don't know what material or compound to use.

I don't want to discard the whole shower just because the bottom needs to be fixed. It's not fiberglass, but plastic, so I was told. Just by looking I can't tell. I do want to fix it so it will appear nice and clean and neat. The rest of the shower looks like brand new. This is in a double wide home.

Thanks for your help.

By Davy from Newport NC


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I like to know what kind of plastic it is in my shower? It's white and I don't know the kind of glue I CAN USE?

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Question: Determining if Shower Pan is Cracked

I really can't tell if it's cracked or not. I have tried looking with a flashlight but no luck. So far the fix is to line the walls and floor or rip it out, but if it isn't really cracked why do it?


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By Frugal Sunnie 11 1,645 03/07/2013

It does sound as though you have a leak somewhere in that stall. You may want to check seams first as you may find your leak is the caulked join where the pan meets the side-walls.

If it's not the seams, you could try 'mapping' the leaking pan by pouring a pitcher full of Kool-Aid or food colouring tinted water on the pan and looking for darker lines appearing on the pan floor as the tinted fluid seeps through the cracks.

I found a cracked pan that way by accident years ago when I tried to dye a pan by staining it deliberately with a pitcher of food colouring tinted water. It did give a lovely colour to the pan but those dark lines appeared and my then husband said 'Holy moly, that pan is cracked and probably has been for years!' We ended up having to replace not only the entire shower stall but most of the bathroom sub-flooring because oh yes, that leak had been at work for a very long time!

Using the 'mapping' method may cause staining so be sure you are willing to put up with that if you can't get the staining off. Bon Ami should get the colour off without scratching the pan surface but that's not guaranteed so be sure to use a complementary colour in case you're stuck with it.

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Question: Repairing a Hole in a Shower

What do I need to fix a chair leg size hole in my shower? It also has cracks. What type material do I need to fix the problem?

By Glenda G from Frisco City, AL

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Archive: Repair a Crack on Plastic Shower Floor

How do you repair a cracked shower stall floor?

Sharon from Coeur d'Alene, ID

Rquest: Repair a Crack on Plastic Shower Floor

(format_html) I have a crack on the floor of an inexpensive plastic shower stall in my basement. The crack is round in shape and about an inch in diameter, and I think it resulted from a heavy shampoo bottle that fell and hit the floor just hard enough to make a crack. I have tried to repair this with Goop glue, which lasted for a while, but as soon as I cleaned the floor with a harsh cleaner, the Goop pulled away from the plastic. I have been tempted to try Marine Goop, which I heard is a different formula from regular household Goop, but I don't know if this is true. Or, should I use epoxy?

I am open to any advice and suggestions, but whatever I use needs to withstand exposure to water from the shower head. Also, I don't care so much about how the repair looks, but I'd like it to be a permanent fix. Please help! Thank you!

Tori from Pittsburgh PA

RE: Repair a Crack on Plastic Shower Floor

I had a bath tub crack on me when I was renting a mobile home. Landlord was out of town, I had 4 kids that needed bathing, so I patched it with Bondo. I think that's how it's spelled (it's been a long time ago). Anyway, it's the same thing they use to patch fiber glass car bodies. It took the landlord over a month to find another tub to replace mine. We would have been one smelly crew. (06/15/2007)

By duckie43

RE: Repair a Crack on Plastic Shower Floor

Thank you to everyone who responded with suggestions, but unfortunately, my shower stall is definitely plastic and not fiberglass. So, if anybody has a suggestion for plastic, please post it for me. Also, this is not the main bathroom in the house, so I can avoid using this shower for as long as it would take for an adhesive or glue, etc. to cure. Thanks again! (06/16/2007)

By Tori in Pittsburgh, PA

RE: Repair a Crack on Plastic Shower Floor

Try Vulcum. I use this to repair leaky roofs. I think 'vulcum' might be a name brand, but go to Lowe's or Home Depot and ask somebody there. It stays flexible when it dries, and it's paintable after a few days. It comes in a tube that needs to be applied with a caulk gun. (06/23/2007)

By Lisa

RE: Repair a Crack on Plastic Shower Floor

Look on your RV websites, they have repair kits for plastic showers (one is by SYON), there's one for fiberglass as well. Good Luck. (03/28/2008)

By Lisha

RE: Repair a Crack on Plastic Shower Floor

Home Depot and Lowe's sell an epoxy plastic patch and a special tape just for cracks in plastic tub floors. Yes! There is someone out there who gets that it's plastic. (04/25/2008)

By Wendall


By Kezia_admin

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