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Military Ball Theme Ideas

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I am with the Bryant, Arkansas AFJROTC and we are having a military ball in April. We don't really have a theme or anything of that sort. I didn't know a military ball did that kind of thing. I am in charge of the decorations and all that stuff. We are also trying to think of a trinket type thing to give out to the dignitaries and cadets. Can you please help me?



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By Scooter03/23/2009

Here's something I've done for ladies' banquets at church, but I think would work well for your occassion too.

Use 1 foot square mirror tiles on the tables. Place a bud vase off-center with flowers (silk or real) in it. Place pretty high heels 1 on each side facing different directions. Drape cheap pearl or beaded necklaces over the high heels.

Another thing I use a lot of is bridal tulle. I wad it up and twist it, run it down the center of a long table or pile it up in the center of a round table. You can place all kinds of things in the puffiness of the tulle. Be careful with candles though.

Candles give a romantic feel.Tiny twinkling Christmas lights are beautiful as long as you have a place to plug them in, and the cords are out of the way. They are also pretty wound through artificial trees. I've used the Christmas lights under tulle on a long buffet table. Ivy is useful for twining around.

By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]03/18/2009

For trinkets... small American flag lapel pins? I'm pretty sure those would work for both guys and gals.

By Rob [1]03/16/2009

Why not make it historical? Pick a year, say 1812, and the guests are invited to dress in the period costume. Since formal events haven't changed that much, you wouldn't need much in the way of different decoration. Maybe hang up a picture of James Madison, and get people to debate whether they would vote for Madison or DeWitt Clinton.

Get people to get into the "year".


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Question: Planning a Junior Military Ball

I am hosting my junior military ball for AFJROTC in Kentucky, but it is in March. I have a few ideas such as a country theme or 50s? I need help, I am over the top of my head. Please help.

By Janie


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Archive: Military Ball Theme Ideas

I'm in JROTC and every year we have a Military Ball. This year we are having it in March and I can't think of a cool theme except St. Patrick's day. Can someone help me?

Ellie from Coker, AL

RE: Military Ball Theme Ideas

My name is Andy, and I happen to be chairperson of our decorations committee and lo and behold; I get to pick the theme.

My advice is to look not just at the nearby holidays, but also times of year (in your case, spring) and recent fads (movies, songs, etc.) and base it around those concepts. Start thinking specifically how you would want your personal perfect ball, discuss it with others and form up your design templates.

The best thing you can do is make several general suggestions and bring it before other people. The more brains you have, the more ideas you'll get. Also, look at the color scheme of the place you have to work with, that could help push you in the right direction. Hope it goes well, good luck! (11/13/2008)

By Andrada

RE: Military Ball Theme Ideas

How about...Marching! Seriously, how about spring? Or, since it rains some, how about an undersea theme? Or you could forget that it's March and pick a theme that is unrelated?


By kimhis

RE: Military Ball Theme Ideas

How about "March of Progress" celebrating the armed forces through the years? (11/13/2008)

By chriself

RE: Military Ball Theme Ideas

How about Julius Caesar and the Ides of March? (11/16/2008)

By mklema92658

RE: Military Ball Theme Ideas

Our military ball idea last year was Midnight Rose, and the year before it was A Night in Paris. This year I'm in charge as well as in the past, and am trying to think up some answers as well. I would also suggest that you try and go onto stumpsprom, on line. It's a magazine for dance themes and what not, as well as favors. We're a navy school. (01/07/2009)

By Lieutenant M

RE: Military Ball Theme Ideas

Lt. M,

As for ideas for the military ball- my son's JROTC is also in March. I'm not sure what part of Alabama you are in but one of the themes which I suggested to the cadets was Tropical Nights. I thought of this theme because: we are in Florida, its spring time and will be nearly time for spring break. Being that you are in the Navy - it may be an idea- match it with a beach of white sand- (which you can almost make from white tablecloths or sheets). Use tropical flowers and candlelight for the tables, along with champagne glasses, etc.

But above all stay in cost, (don't over spend) ask your Navy Parents Support Group to assist you. Being president of my son's JROTC parent support group I find parents who are willing to assist, have talent, and though they don't have much time are willing to assist anyway that they can.

Good luck to you and your school- and hopefully we will meet each and all who read this post at Nationals this spring in Daytona Beach. Its a GREAT event just to watch, and even more an honor to be able to participate in. (01/28/2009)

By ArmyMom92

RE: Military Ball Theme Ideas

One popular theme is a Decades dance. You could decorate for the 50's, 60's, 70's, or 80's using old records, plastic bead curtains, or disco balls. If it's allowed in the rules, you could have everyone come in costume. Play a mix of music from the chosen decade along with more recent hits. Hope this helps, Megan (02/06/2009)

By megan24

Archive: Military Ball Theme Ideas

I need some ideas for a theme for a military ball.


RE: Military Ball Theme Ideas

Go to Google and type in theme for a military ball. You should be able to find some ideas that way. (09/11/2007)


RE: Military Ball Theme Ideas

I didn't know military balls had themes other than the unit itself. Usually, there are protocol rules for each unit. Make sure you are familiar with them. I don't know whether this is for student military academies, college ROTC, or a regular military unit. If you still need a theme, try Casablanca or John Phillip Sousa. (09/13/2007)

By the Oracle

Moonlight Military Ball Theme Ideas

Hi there, my name is Lindsey. I'm a year 12 student in a Coromandle area school and we are having a ball in 5 weeks. I am chair person of the ball committee and would very much like to help you.

This year we are having a night themed ball. We have decided to call it "Midnight Enchantments" and our saying is "(u)Anything could happen(/u)" As a Senior student it was my duty to get student voice in what we were going to do for our school ball.

We have come up with:
  • - Black curtains
  • -A disco ball for our moon
  • -Poly.. shaped stars dangling from the roof (made ourselves)
  • -Strobe lights
  • -Smoke machines
  • And we are still planning the rest. If you would like to know more about our school ball, I don't mind writing to you every time we plan or change something. (05/27/2008)

    By Lindsey

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