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Reuse Salt Pour Spout With Canning Jars

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Reuse Salt Pour Spout With a Canning Jar
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When finished with an empty cardboard salt container, cut the whole round top piece off and measure to fit a canning jar ring. Trace and cut with the flat part with scissors to fit a pint canning jar. Fill the jar with sugar, then cut a second one from a second empty salt container for non-dairy coffee creamer. The pour spouts make for easy access to your sugar and creamer.

*If desired, half pint jars can be used instead of pint jars.

Source: my grandmother

By Monica from Cortez, CO


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Great idea!

By Trish Mastriano [1]07/24/2011

What an excellent idea! Thanks so much for sharing with us! Generally, I put the box of salt directly into a canning jar as I do with a lot of products. I like to see at a glance what I have & how much. This will make dispensing items so much easier. Now, I have to call upon the neighbors to save their salt boxes for me! lol
God Bless.
Trish in CT

By Marg [3]07/23/2011

Also cut the bottom out of the empty salt box to the same size and place it over the existing spout cut-out and replace the screw top of the canning jar. That will make it safe for travel and none of the contents will spill if the spout accidentally opens. =D

By Sheila [3]07/23/2011

Awesome idea! When I get some empty boxes, this idea will be used in our camper!

By linda [2]07/23/2011

Love canning jars, but if you'd rather have plastic, re-using Parmesan cheese containers works for this type of thing, as well.

By Elizabeth07/23/2011

What a neat idea. Can't wait to do this. Thanks!

By Ann Winberg [282]07/23/2011

Excellent-a thinking! My kind of recycling and one I am sure going to pass on. Thanks.


Hate Litter,
God Bless you for posting a picture and seeing, rather than reading about it, makes me want to just go ahead and make one for the remaining salt I have and then use it for something else once it's gone! Why wait, eh? ;-)

By Litter Gitter [119]08/21/2010

I fiinally emptied a salt box and made a top for a jar. We love it!

RE: Reuse Salt Pour Spout With Canning Jars

By Litter Gitter [119]07/21/2010

That's a good idea. I'll surely try it. Thanks.


Very clever, unique and frugal idea! Thanks for sharing it! :-)

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