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How Do I Stop my Dog Ripping Up Paper?

ripping up paper

How do I stop my dog ripping up the post (mail)? I am looking for ideas to discourage her but still allow the post to come through the door. Maybe allowing her to rip up all of the Christmas paper was not the best idea!

Phillip from England, UK



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By Weavre Cooper 11 33 01/17/2008 Flag


I think I'd make a simple cloth bag. I'd make one opening to fit your mail slot, and a second, on the other side, for you to reach in to retrieve the mail without taking the bag down. I'd make a flap, zip, tie, or some other cover to close the opening through which you'll get the mail. I'd reinforce the area around the mail slot opening, so that it wouldn't tear easily, with whatever's handy--even duct tape would work, and it wouldn't be seen. Then I'd tack that to the door around the mail slot. This way, your mail would come through the door, but never hit the floor or be visible to the dog. You coudl easily get the mail by opening the bag and reaching in for it.

Just my first thought ... another is that I agree, it's probably not a good idea to let the dog chew up some paper, if she's not to be allowed to chew up all of it! :)

Hope this helps!

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By Chris 19 46 01/17/2008 Flag

When we had this problem years ago, it was solved fairly easily. We got a net bag (like onions or fruits come in) and we filled it very full of shredded, torn up paper...the type of things the dog would shred.
We attached this to his collar under his chin and let it hang was bulky and every time we looked at him, we would call him a "Garbage Picker" (that's what he was doing). It didn't take long before he decided that he hated the bag on the collar and wanted to be a good dog. Good luck with whatever you try!
(The bag on the mail slot sounds good too.)

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By sandy 77 431 01/17/2008 Flag

i have ally who eats out of my trash. ie if i forget trash is at my chair and go to bed. i get up the next morning and there are shreds of a wrapper or napkin where she has + "eaten" the aroma on the napkin.

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By Marty Dick 166 965 01/17/2008 Flag

This reminds me of my "cockamation" named Dawg. When we first got her she had to sleep in the garage till we got her spayed. I had her paper trained. She was visiting inside the house one day while DH was reading the Houston Chronicle, a very fat newspaper. As he finished a section he laid it on the floor beside the recliner. She had to pee and went over there and saturated several sections of the paper. None of it got on the carpet though.

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By dar (Guest Post) 01/17/2008 Flag

We had a dog who did that everytime he was mad at us. He also liked to sneak into my mom's purse and take her chewing gum. He loved it. Getting back to the answer, the only thing we could do was hide any paper laying around.

Also you may be right and she may think this is the most fun she has ever had! No we never solved the problem with our dog. He was letting us know he did not want to stay home or he wanted to go, we never did figure which one it was as he would start as soon as he would see us getting our coat's on. Dogs are like little kid's gotta love them. Have fun and good luck if you try to break her of the habit. Dar

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By LEONA LABINE 46 398 01/17/2008 Flag

Dogs are a lot like kids, they need to taught respect and discipline. Place some paper on the floor in front of the dog and when she heads towards the paper block her with your legs and make a firm but not loud sound, something that you will use all the time.(like chh or hey) Move forward slowly and make her back away from the paper,the dog must always be the one to back up.If she tries to go around your legs, block her. Keep doing this until she realizes that it is something she is not allowed to do.

Remember consistency is the key. It may take a few days, but she will soon realize that it is not respectful and will stop ripping up paper. Have the dog sitting back from the mail slot (you may need a leash at first). Then have someone go outside and throw some paper through the mail slot. If she starts to move toward the mail say chh and block her if she tries to move towards the mail. Never use the dogs name when correcting her.
Patience and perseverance! It will work.

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By jojo (Guest Post) 01/17/2008 Flag

A quick fix is to buy one of those wire baskets from the hardware store that are specifically designed to attach to the back of an entrance door's mailing slot to catch all paperwork passed through. Saves bending down to pick it up of the floor too :)
Also it's confusing if you let the dog shred some paper and not other. It's a bit like giving a dog an old shoe to play with yet expecting it to differentiate between that and your good shoes.

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By susan 8 1,368 01/18/2008 Flag

Sorry I can't help, but I want to thank you. Just looking at this picture brought a smile to my face. Owning a pet can be so frustrating that it's often hard to believe we love them so much.

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By Dorothy (Guest Post) 01/18/2008 Flag

I can't help either, but I also smiled at your picture. It looks like our living room on Christmas morning. Our Lab loves to open the packages. Fortunately he won't do it if we say NO! It's so amusing to watch him rip-it. He loves it.

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By Pam (Guest Post) 01/20/2008 Flag

I'm so sorry
Does she always tear up paper? To begin with using paper has nothing to do with her tearing up paper this is a tool used in any discipline matters as being aggressive peeing in floor not minding etc.
If she does then this is a big no no.
And usually the way you discipline a dog is with a paper and it can be just a sheet of the first page of the newspaper rolled up not tight. They don't like the sound and it really doesn't hurt (just their pride) Oh on their back bottom. Just a tap or 2 But use a firm voice No! And tell them that you'll get the paper! if she persists
mind you DO NOT BEAT THE DOG (TAP her)
USE A FIRM VOICE "NO! Hope this helps

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By Eric Vaughn (Guest Post) 04/19/2008 Flag

Honest, I'm not being picky; I'm just frustrated with my dog. All but one of these "ideas" address the symptoms of the paper shredding; but what about the shredding itself? It's like having a child who is, say, stealing change from your purse, and the advice is to hide the money better. I mean, come on!

How can one address the paper shredding BEHAVIOR? Thanks, Eric

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By tina (Guest Post) 02/17/2009 Flag

My dog rips up the kids' school books out of spite. I think whenever we leave him in the house alone, he looks up some books placed in bags and rips them up.. this is new to him, he didn't use to do that. He acts very ashamed after I come back home and tries to hide from me.

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