Preventing Bed Bugs From Moving With You

Bed bug next to grains of rice.

Bed bugs are notorious for hitching a ride in clothing, furniture, and other items when you move. This is a guide about preventing bed bugs from moving with you.



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Question: Preventing Bed Bugs from Moving Too

I recently moved into a house only to find out that its infested with bed bugs. The landlord knew it was infested, but yet let us move in anyway. They had pest control come in and spray, but Ive still got bugs.

I want to move, but don't know my rights here or how to move without leaving everything behind to avoid bringing the bugs with me to a new place. I can barely afford to move let alone buy new furniture. Help. Any suggestions appreciated.

By T from Ontraio, Canada

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By oakland 01/19/2011

I recently had a problem with bed bugs and I called every pest control getting different quotes that was out of my spending area, However I went into Bed Bath and Beyond and saw a product called Rest Easy. I have no more problems and it was only ten dollars. At least try it, and its safe around pets and it also has this Cinnamon like smell, so, you should try it, it really worked for me.

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