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Removing Label Glue from Plastic Bowls

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I still can't get the label glue off the plastic bowls that I just bought.



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By Karen Evans06/13/2008

Thank You Luvyabye and Jantoo. The peanut butter worked puuur-fect for me!

By Robin from Dover, FL [6]09/17/2007

Use a hair dryer to heat the glue and then wipe off.

By Janice C. [18]09/14/2007

Peanut butter, any vegetable oil, nail polish remover (only if it's hard plastic, don't use on soft plastics), and Goo Gone. I think they use that goopy glue on purpose, to keep theft down.

I like your heart shirt. If you tie-dyed it yourself, I hope you'll share the instructions with us.

By ruth aldridge [2]09/13/2007

Avon Skin So Soft will take "sticky stuff" off most everything. Soak a paper towel with it and lay on the residue for a while, checking from time to time and adding more, if it dries. It should disintegrate. Then you can wash it with soapy water, rinse and dry.

By Brenda Norrish [1]09/13/2007

Soak some cotton wool in Eucalyptus oil, then rub the glue until it has dissolved. Wash the item in soapy water when glue is off. This works for the glue on every label I have encountered. No need to scrape.

Brenda from Oz

By Hearts1 [12]09/11/2007

Thank you all, I didn't specify that the label is already off, after a round in the dishwasher the glue is still on. I will try using one or as many ideas until the glue is off.


RE: Removing Label Glue from Plastic Bowls


I use liquid hand sanitizer on labels - rub it on, take a sponge or a knife or scraper and scrape off! I use it at school to remove labels from plastic boxes, filing cabinets, etc.

By metroplex [81]09/11/2007

I also use Goo Gone or Citri Solutions, which smells so good!

By t lehew [2]09/11/2007

I find that WD-40 is the best at removing any glued labels.

By jean (Guest Post)09/11/2007

Try spraying with cooking spray, letting set for at least 1/2 hour, and then wiping or scrubbing off the residue. Works for me every time.

By mcw [80]09/11/2007

Try rubbing some vegetable oil over the label and it should come off easy.

By SL Edens [1]09/11/2007

Hi Debby! I just use peanut butter and leave it on several hours (usually over night). Then I wipe it off and wash it with regular dish soap and water. Works ever time for me. Hope this helps.

By Myrna [15]09/11/2007

There's a product called GOO GONE that is nontoxic and has a citrusy odor that removes sticky back labels and other things. You can find this product at WalMart and most grocery stores.

By Myrna (Guest Post)09/11/2007

A product called GOO GONE will remove sticky and difficult labels and even gum. It has a citrus odor, is nontoxic and works well. You can find GOO GONE in most department grocery stores.

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