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Kittens With Fleas

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My kittens are 2 days old and are infested with fleas. What can I do to get rid of the fleas?

By Natalie


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By roses08/30/2011

The truth is you may bathe the kittens in dawn dish detergent (the original blue one only). This will kill what is already on them. Give them a good brushing to free them from the dead ones, since they will probably end up eating them and that isn't good for them.

The next step is to rid the house of what might be eggs or larvae. You can spray distilled white vinegar all over the house. It is not fragrant but it works great. The smell of the vinegar will disappear in a day or so. I have older cats and I saturate a wash cloth with vinegar as well and wipe them down ears to toes, instantly the fleas die. I brush them a bit and they're as good as new! They also love the attention although chasing them for the vinegar rub (I have 5) is quite funny lol.

You must get rid of their favorite bedding or wash those items in the hottest water possible, but it's worth replacing for the sake of your pets. Be blessed and thank you thrifty fun friends for all the great advice in the past.

Also, I put two or three drops of apple cider vinegar in their wet food every day. This is great for maintaining flea free cats. Good luck with the kittens, they're wonderful and such a joy to have.

For the gal on disability who adopts cats, God bless you. People can judge but you are giving a loving home to the homeless. Keep finding tips here on and you will be able to care for those cats with minimal money to be spent. Vet's tend to overcharge anyway. Be blessed!

By Sherri [6]07/23/2010

This can be deadly to your new babies, as fleas can suck their blood out. Please give them a bath, (watch their eyes) and use a flea comb. Please change their sleeping blankets & etc. What about the mother?


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Archive: Kittens with Fleas

Just found 2 orphaned 4 week old kitties-house and other cats now flea infested. What can I do for kitties so young to get rid of these pests?
RE: Flea Infested Kittens 08/04/2004
Use a flea comb on them frequently. Comb the kitten, then dunk the comb and any attached fleas into a dish of soapy water. Rinse the comb, then run it through the kitten's fur again. Wash the bedding daily; no need to wash in hot, the soap will drown the adults and the eggs/larva will be washed away. Sweep Borax into the carpet a few hours before vacuuming, then throw the bag away. Don't bother with flea collars or flea stuff you can get at the grocery or discount store, they usually don't work. Read the product label, it will say what type of animals it is safe to use on, and what age they have to be. Farnam used to make a flea foam that was safe for kittens, but it was only available through vets and I haven't seen it for years. Good luck.
By Patticat
RE: Flea Infested Kittens 08/25/2004
I'm not sure for fleas if this would work, but it can't hurt to try. A girlfriend of mine kitties got ringworm. After taking them to the vet and getting medicines for them that didn't work and having to disinfect her entire house and other pets, as well. She finally tried organic apple cider vinegar on the ringworm. She said it was working as the kitties let her know it stung, but in a few days the ringworm places were starting to heal. You might try bathing your kitties in this vinegar and water. Best of luck!
By badwater
RE: Flea Infested Kittens 07/15/2005
I just read that you can use dawn dish detergent to get rid of them on that young of a kitten. You soap them up from the neck down(starting at the neck) and then you let it sit for 4 minutes and then rinse well! this should work I haven't tried it but pet stores told me it worked as well as some websites!!

Archive: Kittens with Fleas

I need some home remedies and ideas for how to get rid of fleas on small kittens.


Archive: Kittens with Fleas

I have 4 day old kittens with fleas. How can I treat them?


Archive: Kittens with Fleas

I have 3 kittens. They are only a week old today today. What can I do to get rid of the fleas that they have?

Paige from Palmer, MA

RE: Kittens with Fleas

Johnson's Baby Shampoo will work. I had a flea out break here and my Boston Terriers were covered. I was desperate, I thought if it's safe for newborn babies, it couldn't hurt the dogs. Make sure you lather them good, start at their heads and work your way back, just rub, and rub, and massage it in.

You will notice the fleas will die quickly, I don't know if it smothers them fast or what, but I was shocked at what a good job it it. I have used flea soap before and it didn't work as well, the fleas would be crawling while I was soaping the dogs up. Johnson's Baby Shampoo works fast, but you have to work with it a few minutes. (08/03/2008)

By SusanLee

RE: Kittens with Fleas

I used Ivory dish liquid to rid my 8 week old kitten of fleas. Goes along with the baby shampoo idea I suppose. It doesn't have any harsh chemicals in it, so you can even wash your kitten's face with it, and it won't hurt their eyes. You have to keep your kitten in the soapy water and keep rubbing it down for about five minutes, and the fleas will die. This seemed to work much better than the flea sprays I had tried prior to this.

A couple tips, though: 1) wear rubber gloves or your hands and arms will be covered in scratches. 2) Be sure to also have a basin of clear water ready to go to rinse your kitten in once you're done bathing her. I didn't think to do this ahead of time and had to rinse her off with the sprayer, she enjoyed that even less than she enjoyed the bath, if you can believe that. (08/03/2008)

By sassycat

RE: Kittens with Fleas

You can wash them in Joy for dishes. Wet kittens with warm water. Used just a little Joy and cover their fur with the suds. Let sit on kitten for about 5 minutes. Rinse them off with warm water, and towel dry and place them in a warm place, so they don't get a chill.

As a retired pet groomer I have used Joy on many pets to rid them of fleas. If there are any live fleas left on the kittens just pull them off and squish them between you finger nails. Wash you hands well after de-fleaing the kittens. (08/04/2008)

By Pat

RE: Kittens with Fleas

It looks as though the Dawn is the winner. As soon as I put it on the kitten a few minutes went by and the fleas were dead. Letting it sit on there for 5 minutes to make sure. (08/05/2008)

By KittenOwner

RE: Kittens with Fleas

Well, I have heard a few different ones. From my experience with cats, I comb them with a flea comb and have a small dish of rubbing alcohol nearby before I give them a bath. If it's a kitten I use either Dawn or baby shampoo and leave it on for 5 minutes.

Then I use a white towel or dish towel, because more than likely you will have survivors and fleas are supposedly attracted to white. Then I proceed to comb the kitten or cat again and afterward check the towel because more than likely you will find fleas alive and dead on the towel. Also I have heard a good spray to make is warm water, dawn and vinegar. Also I've heard you put cider vinegar in the pet's water or/and their food. (08/27/2008)

By Michelle

Archive: Kittens With Fleas

How can I get fleas off of a 4 week old kitten? I have already tried Dawn.


Archive: Kittens With Fleas

I have one week old kittens, 2 dogs, and 2 adult cats. I know how to get rid of the fleas that the older animals have, but the poor kittens are covered in fleas.


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