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Kittens With Fleas


My kittens are 2 days old and are infested with fleas. What can I do to get rid of the fleas?

By Natalie


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By Sherri 10 551 07/23/2010 Flag

This can be deadly to your new babies, as fleas can suck their blood out. Please give them a bath, (watch their eyes) and use a flea comb. Please change their sleeping blankets & etc. What about the mother?

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By roses 6 08/30/2011 Flag

The truth is you may bathe the kittens in dawn dish detergent (the original blue one only). This will kill what is already on them. Give them a good brushing to free them from the dead ones, since they will probably end up eating them and that isn't good for them.

The next step is to rid the house of what might be eggs or larvae. You can spray distilled white vinegar all over the house. It is not fragrant but it works great. The smell of the vinegar will disappear in a day or so. I have older cats and I saturate a wash cloth with vinegar as well and wipe them down ears to toes, instantly the fleas die. I brush them a bit and they're as good as new! They also love the attention although chasing them for the vinegar rub (I have 5) is quite funny lol.

You must get rid of their favorite bedding or wash those items in the hottest water possible, but it's worth replacing for the sake of your pets. Be blessed and thank you thrifty fun friends for all the great advice in the past.

Also, I put two or three drops of apple cider vinegar in their wet food every day. This is great for maintaining flea free cats. Good luck with the kittens, they're wonderful and such a joy to have.

For the gal on disability who adopts cats, God bless you. People can judge but you are giving a loving home to the homeless. Keep finding tips here on and you will be able to care for those cats with minimal money to be spent. Vet's tend to overcharge anyway. Be blessed!

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Archive: Kittens with Fleas

Just found 2 orphaned 4 week old kitties-house and other cats now flea infested. What can I do for kitties so young to get rid of these pests?
RE: Flea Infested Kittens 08/04/2004
Use a flea comb on them frequently. Comb the kitten, then dunk the comb and any attached fleas into a dish of soapy water. Rinse the comb, then run it through the kitten's fur again. Wash the bedding daily; no need to wash in hot, the soap will drown the adults and the eggs/larva will be washed away. Sweep Borax into the carpet a few hours before vacuuming, then throw the bag away. Don't bother with flea collars or flea stuff you can get at the grocery or discount store, they usually don't work. Read the product label, it will say what type of animals it is safe to use on, and what age they have to be. Farnam used to make a flea foam that was safe for kittens, but it was only available through vets and I haven't seen it for years. Good luck.
By Patticat
RE: Flea Infested Kittens 08/25/2004
I'm not sure for fleas if this would work, but it can't hurt to try. A girlfriend of mine kitties got ringworm. After taking them to the vet and getting medicines for them that didn't work and having to disinfect her entire house and other pets, as well. She finally tried organic apple cider vinegar on the ringworm. She said it was working as the kitties let her know it stung, but in a few days the ringworm places were starting to heal. You might try bathing your kitties in this vinegar and water. Best of luck!
By badwater
RE: Flea Infested Kittens 07/15/2005
I just read that you can use dawn dish detergent to get rid of them on that young of a kitten. You soap them up from the neck down(starting at the neck) and then you let it sit for 4 minutes and then rinse well! this should work I haven't tried it but pet stores told me it worked as well as some websites!!

Archive: Kittens with Fleas

I need some home remedies and ideas for how to get rid of fleas on small kittens.


RE: Kittens with Fleas 07/23/2005
I just had the same problem and this is what worked for me:

I too had read to use salt to take care of fleas. The salt dehydrates them and thus kills them. You sprinkle it over your carpets in the same manner that you would carpet powder, and leave it sit for the day, paying close attention to the area around doorways and the bedding. Vacuum that evening or the next morning.

I did this then I bathed them in joy diswashing liquid with actual lemon extracts...lemon juice is known for killing and keeping away fleas and ticks on dogs, so I thought I would give this a try...IT WORKED!!

When I vacuumed, I put a fresh (and generous) sprinkling of salt on the blanket that they sleep on and between the salt and the bath they are virtually flea free.

Good luck!

By anita_n_TN
RE: Kittens with Fleas 07/23/2005
When I first got my kittens they were five weeks old. Within a few weeks we realized they had fleas. They had to go to the vet anyway to get their shots so I told him about the fleas. He gave me 2 little tubes of something (one for each kitten) and told me to put the medecine on the top of their heads and that it would kill any fleas on them and in the home. Of course, the trick is to keep your cats indoors so they are safer and dont get reinfested. They have never had another flea and that was four and a half years ago. I dont remember the medecine he gave me as being expensive either.
By Cindy S.
RE: Kittens with Fleas 07/24/2005
We just went thru Hurricane Dennis, when I came home the next day after the storm, there was this rat on my front porch. It turned out to be a little kitten, we named her Stormie. She was covered in fleas so I washed her with Dawn and she hasn't had any fleas since. I have a 75lb. red nose pit bull and she thinks that is her baby. The farmers around here spray their crops with Dawn, for what reason, I don't know. Good luck.
By Jannie (Guest Post)
RE: Kittens with Fleas 07/25/2005
We found a new litter of kittens from a faral cat between our block wall and tool shed. We had to use a water hose to get the mom out, and also got the kittens wet. When we got them out they were covered with fleas. And howling. I used Amways, LOC to wash them in warm water. And used a hair dryer to get them dry. By the time we trapped the mom the kittens were flea free.
By Great Granny Vi
RE: Kittens with Fleas 08/17/2005
Add generous amounts of salt to the kitten's litterbox. I did this for my two kittens when they had fleas, and not only did it kill the fleas on the kittens, but it also got rid of the fleas in the house without using any bombs. You'll be happy and the lack of baths will make the kittens happy as well.
By Donna (Guest Post)
RE: Kittens with Fleas 08/23/2005
Using Borax on your carpet will get rid of fleas in the carpet. I think it's similar to the salt method. As for kittens, we just got some and we've spotted a few fleas so we'll be trying the Dawn method. I'll let you know if it works!
By anon (Guest Post)

Archive: Kittens with Fleas

I have 4 day old kittens with fleas. How can I treat them?

Archive: Kittens with Fleas

I have 3 kittens. They are only a week old today today. What can I do to get rid of the fleas that they have?

Archive: Kittens With Fleas

How can I get fleas off of a 4 week old kitten? I have already tried Dawn.

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